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Over 11,800 creditors (who followed step 1 below) helped. Free expert judgment referrals to the best judgment experts for: Bank judgments, large judgments, future-payment contingency judgment recovery, and judgment buyers. JudgmentBuy is the original and best (free) judgment referral service that quickly introduces creditors to the best judgment experts. Please read this whole page.

JudgmentBuy tells you the truth and gets things done fast. However, without some debtor assets and a successful recovery effort, judgments are only pieces of paper. The wealthier and more solid your judgment debtor is, the better the chances are that you can profitably sell your judgment, and/or have it recovered on a contingency future-payment basis at the best prices. If you do not understand something, please see this summary article. For judgment-related State laws, see our summary of State Judgment laws.

JudgmentBuy knows over 5,000 judgment experts. This is not our idea, but we know for a fact that anyone that pays cash for a judgment pays only a (very deeply) discounted price for it, as nothing is guaranteed in judgment recovery. Average judgments sell for 1-7% cash upfront, and when the judgment debtor has lots of available assets, sometimes much more than 8% of the judgments face value. On a future-payment contingency recovery, you get paid at least half (on small or somewhat difficult judgments, the average is 50%) of whatever is recovered. On larger, easier-to-recover judgments, you might get (e.g.) 2/3 to 3/4 of what is recovered from your debtor. Recovering anything on your judgment is a big win.

JudgmentBuy refers you to the (constantly updated to verify that they are still the very) best judgment experts, all with fantastic long-term records of recovering and buying judgments in every State and many countries.

Because the laws differ in each State, judgment enforcers and buyers have different minimum judgment amount sizes they require to take your judgment. One judgment buyer or judgment enforcer might take a $1,000 judgment, another (usually in another state) might only take judgments larger than $30K. Please check our State judgment recovery minimums page.

We find the right judgment expert for you, usually the same day. We have 16 years of experience; for creditors that follow Step 1 below. Do you want to sell your judgment for cash upfront? Usually, judgments without debtor equity in real property do not sell for very much, please consider future-payment contingency judgment recovery.

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judgment collector collections recovery help enforcement image 2How To Start?

Step 1 :   Send us a copy of your judgment and what you know about your debtor(s).   We require a court-stamped copy of your judgment (not a login link; we need a PDF or fax), and what you specifically know (we preserve everyone's privacy) about your debtor before we can help. Along with the judgment, we need (if available) the debtor's date of birth/age, partial SSN, their addresses, assets or employment info, etc. If you do not have this information, that is OK, but please send whatever you do have.

Send your judgment and the debtor information to Mark Shapiro (Mark@GoGuys.com) or fax the judgment (email us the debtors information before you fax us please), your information, and your debtor's information to  1-719-396-7035.
We save you time, and assure everyone's privacy. The advantage of JudgmentBuy is that you are now done!

Step 2: JudgmentBuy quickly gives you a free, (with no obligation or hassle) referral - to the best judgment expert, usually the same day.

With us, that is all there is to it. The judgment expert we refer you to, pays us. You pay us nothing. Let JudgmentBuy's judgment referral expertise increase your chance of being repaid, and save you so much time and effort. Only JudgmentBuy refers you to the best judgment experts - based on what is important - their long-term track record of recovering or buying judgments.

Just follow Step 1 above. No need to call us. You can talk with the judgment expert we refer you to. All that matters is the judgment, which State and the debtor information - not on who you talk with. There is no obligation to go with our free referrals, but why not go with the best? Make your debtor pay you!

Judgment Collection in every state

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    11) JudgmentBuy has 16 years of judgment referral experience
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