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JudgmentBuy charges you nothing.

Judgment Enforcers (most are not lawyers) buy civil money judgments and then pay you. Usually they pay you after they recover your money from your debtor. JudgmentBuy makes it very easy, and refers you quickly to the best buyers, contingency collection agencies, lawyers, and judgment recovery specialists in every state and worldwide, local to your debtor(s). It's here

JudgmentBuy very quickly (usually within one business day) refers you (for free) with the right contingency lawyer or professional (at no obligation) that works close to your debtor's assets, which vastly increases the chances of you actually recovering some money from your debtor. JudgmentBuy never owns your judgment in any way. Be aware your judgment will expire eventually, unless it is renewed.

To get started, simply email  or fax us a copy of the judgment, your mailing address, and email us what you know about the debtor.

JudgmentBuy knows the world's best contingency collection lawyers, agencies, and judgment referral experts. We are not lawyers however for free, we can refer you to good ones.) See our Finding The Right Lawyer article, and our National Lawyer State Bar List.

Nothing we do, write, say, or email, and nothing on our web sites can or should be understood or construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult with a lawyer. JudgmentBuy is America's most authoritative and influential source of free judgment information. California interest rates are mentioned on our summary of National Judgment Laws Each state usually has different interest rates.

Search our massive site with Google: FAQ - Questions about the JudgmentBuy system:

Why send my judgment, debt, or UCC lien to JudgmentBuy?
Why is JudgmentBuy better than Judgment MarketPlace?
How much does JudgmentBuy charge me? (Nothing)
How much do Judgment Enforcers charge?
I want Cash Now!
Why are Judgment Statistics not Encouraging?
Why did you refer me to someone I do not know?

Q: I looked up the judgment enforcer you recommended and found awful negative comments about them and you, why did you refer me to them?

A: We refer you only to good and professional experts. However, anyone can lie on the internet, and crazy loons put untrue (usually non-court stamped) assertions of misdoing about enforcers and JudgmentBuy on the Web. Please ignore the crazy idiots, and any other negative things you may find, as both JudgmentBuy and the experts we refer you to are the very best in the business.

Why Did Your Recommended Judgment Buyer Insult me?

How do I get started?

Why limit myself to just JudgmentBuy's referrals?
I want a Buyer or Enforcer now, not a broker!
I can collect my own judgment!
Debtor overseas, or judgment not in US dollars?
What is the difference between a Judgment Enforcer and a Judgment Buyer?
Will you refer me to a Lawyer or a Judgment Enforcer?
Will using JudgmentBuy slow things down?
What about Bundles of Judgments?

How does JudgmentBuy help recover your judgment?
Why is local judgment enforcement important?
How do I know you will pick a qualified Judgment Enforcer?
Will you spam me?
How does JudgmentBuy control Judgment Enforcers?
What happens after I send you my judgment paperwork?
Am I obligated when I send you a judgment?
Why are there so few judgments listed?
Do you pay referral fees for judgment leads?
Do you do Judgment Flipping?
Will you tell me about my debtor?
Why do you need to know about my debtor?
What is unique about JudgmentBuy?
What is the Judgment Radio Show?

Top Questions about Judgments:

What is judgment enforcement about?
It's not fair. Why do I have to pay again?
Will you take my judgment?
How do I get started?
What is needed to evaluate my judgment?
After returning forms, what can I expect?

Questions about the Contracts used in Judgment Enforcement:
Note that JudgmentBuy usually requires no paperwork, and JudgmentBuy
has no obligation or costs for judgment owners. The answers below are general,
discussing the typical paperwork required by most Judgment Enforcers nationwide.

Why do I have to lose control of my judgment?
What forms will you send me (Can I see a sample)?
What if I need a special contract?
No mention of the interest earned on the agreement?
No mention of money I spent on the agreement?
What if I already collected part of my judgment?
No time limit, and it's final?
What if my judgment needs special timing?
What about multiple judgments?

Questions about Judgments:

How long is a judgment good for?
Can only one plaintiff sign? (What is the creditor died?)
How long does it take to enforce a judgment?
Unlawful detainer judgments?
Restitution judgments?
Spousal Support Judgments?
Can you make a stipulated judgment pay off faster?
Do judgments earn interest?
Do you protect my privacy?
Why are 80% of judgments not enforced?
What about big dollar judgments?
What are impossible, difficult, and easy judgments?
My judgment can be discharged in bankruptcy?
My judgment is not enforceable?
How are judgments graded?
What about default judgments?

Questions about Judgment Enforcement:

The law says the debtor has to pay me? (And be Served)
Why do you need a copy of my judgment, Why must I mail in the forms?
Why do Judgment Enforcers Need my Social Security Number?
Are you guys a collection agency?
Report my debtor for using more than one social security numbers?
My last Judgment Enforcer was a dud, can you help?
The last Judgment Enforcer went out of business!

Money Questions:

Are judgments taxable?
With coops or referrals, does it affect how much I get?
Can someone pay me part of my great judgment upfront?
When do I get my money?
Why did I get a 1099?
How much will this cost me?
Why do I have to wait up to 95 days to get my money?
Who decides to possibly settle with the debtor?
Why did it cost so much to enforce my judgment?

General Questions:

What if the judgment creditor died?
Can you domesticate my judgment for me?
Why is my LLC debtor a problem?
I need a copy of insurance, and what to sign?
Why is the debtor's middle name different?
My debtor already went bankrupt, can you Help?

Questions during the enforcement process:

Am I entitled to discuss strategies for collecting?
Do you provide progress updates?
How can I keep track of what you are doing?
My debtor wants to settle by paying me!
What if I want my judgment back?
Why not take my debtor's property?
Why no current updates?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you keep telling Me?
Should I contact the debtor?
Please punish my debtor!
Why does it take so long to enforce a judgment?
What if my debtor goes bankrupt during enforcement?
What if my debtor dies?

Questions from Debtors:

I'm a debtor and I'm going to sue you!
You cleaned out my bank account!
Why should I pay you?
I'm judgment proof!
You put this on my credit report?
You hit my bank account again?
The judgment was for $5K, why did you take 8K?
I'm not the debtor - why did you send me that letter?
I have a judgment against me - can you help?

Questions about lawsuits and Lawyers:

Do you fund lawsuits?
What if the Judgment Enforcer gets sued?
Can I or should I use an attorney?
Why can't my lawyer modify your paperwork?
I'm an attorney - can you work with me?
Can Attorney get or pay Referral Fees?
Trapped by a Contingency Lawyer?
My Lawyer said what you are doing is illegal!
I want to sue someone!

Questions about Judgment Enforcers:

Are you experienced? How did you get into this business?
How hard do Judgment Enforcers try?
Why should I pick you?
How are you different?
Other sites guarantee - why not you?
Why should I trust you or a Judgment Enforcer
How do I know you are not a fraud?
Just you alone?
Why did you not answer my list of questions (Are you a pro shopper)?
Do you have references I can call?
Can I visit your office in person?

Miscellaneous Questions:

Why that picture?
Can you track someone down for me?
I have a guy that owes me money - can you help?
What is that RSS Feed thing?
How has the economy affected your business?
How can I get started in the Judgment Enforcement business?
Can you help me verify a judgment is worthless?
How about funny court dialogs?
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