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Debtor or Judgment Overseas

Q: I have a judgment overseas, or my debtor is overseas, or not in US dollars, can you help?

A: Yes. We can find you the best recovery company for any sized judgment with debtors anywhere. Because JudgmentBuy is a free judgment matching, and referral service, we can find a Judgment Enforcer, contingency collections lawyer, or the best judgment recovery company for you anywhere. Note that the best contingency lawyers usually require a retainer, to start recovering a tough international judgment. (See our Contingency Attorneys article.)

Because JudgmentBuy is a Judgment Referral service, we are not limited in what we can and should do. For example, we have not yet found a judgment enforcer in Timbuktu or on the Moon. However nothing stops us from trying our best - if that is where your debtor is.

We have (free to judgment owners) referred judgments to Enforcers (so far) in the USA, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, England/UK, France, Mexico, Philippines, Germany, Japan, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey.

If the judgment is not in English, you should provide a certified translation of the judgment to English.

If your judgment debtor has moved back to the US - you can hire a lawyer to domesticate the judgment to the US - where the debtor lives.

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