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Debtor Threatens To Sue

Q: A Judgment Enforcer sent me a letter saying they are enforcing a judgment against me. I'm contacting my lawyer and suing them, what do you think of that? angry lady

A: The Judgment Enforcer (JE) did not pick your name out of the blue. A judge signed a court order - ruling that you owe a money judgment. A judge turned your debt into a final Judgment. There is no longer any valid dispute or "claim" about this debt - it is now a final judgment.

Later, the original owner of the judgment wisely sold it to a JE. And the JE is going to enforce it. Please do show the JE's letter or legal notices, (which are proof of the JE's legal right to enforce this judgment) - to your lawyer.

Judgment Enforcement is the enforcement of contracts. The enforcement of contracts is the foundation upon which a free enterprise society sits. When there is no legal recourse to uphold contracts, you remove all incentive from business to provide and improve consumer and business goods and services.

After thinking, and getting advice about this judgment, you will discover you can:

A) Start or take further actions (or ignore this judgment) - which will likely increase your costs, hassles, and total judgment debt owed.
B) Pay the court-determined amount you owe.
C) Discuss with the JE, a timing plan to pay this off - or a settlement compromise.
D) Attempt to vacate the judgment, but if you were properly served, this probably will not work.
E) Attempt to file for bankruptcy - which has many drawbacks - and even that may not eliminate this debt.

Your lawyer can explain this is a valid judgment debt - and your best choice is usually to quickly pay what you legally owe. And what a judgment eEnforcer does is legal - and unjust lawsuits can often be stopped (In California, see CCPs 425.16-17)
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