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Do you have References I can Call?

JudgmentBuy does not charge you a dime, does not take ownership of your judgment in any way, and does not need your signature or credit card. Our reference is our web site, we are judgment matchmakers, so there is no risk in using us. The judgment expert we refer you to is the one that may have references for you. We have a constantly improving record of judgment referrals.

Please do not pay too much attention to references shown on judgment recovery advertising and web sites. References shown are often the top 1 percent of results obtained. Just like a contractor who can do 95 shoddy projects and 5 good ones - they can show you 5 references - but are there could be 95 other shoddy jobs they will not tell you about.

Both JudgmentBuy and JEs must protect the identity of debtors. This is a requirement of both laws, and the private data services subscribed to.

In the past, JudgmentBuy put references on our site, and it became a hassle. Some JEs have received legal threats as the case numbers and plaintiff "references" on web sites provided a way to locate the debtor's name.

JudgmentBuy has had more than one creditor tell us to take their name and phone number off our web site - as they were contacted too often by strangers. (Would you like to get calls and emails from strangers asking you about a judgment recovered for you in the past?)

One can visit most court sites, and look up a Judgment Enforcer to see the judgments they are enforcing, or have already enforced.

References are not as useful as one might think. Like in any other profession, Judgment Enforcers would refer you to their easiest and quickest recoveries. You can be sure there were many less successful (or failures) that are not part of anyone's references.

When a Judgment Enforcer recovers money on a judgment, the original judgment creditor usually says "Thanks!".

JudgmentBuy's references are the contents of our web site and the very best judgment enforcers, collection lawyers, or collection agencies. And we are free to you, and only get paid when you get paid, that is the ultimate reference. Also, see JudgmentClassifieds.html

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