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How are you different?

Q: Your web site explains how things work with judgment enforcers enforcing judgments. Do all judgment enforcers work the way you suggest on your web site FAQ?

A: JudgmentBuy's web site tells you (generally) what to expect when judgments are enforced. JudgmentBuy is unique because we work carefully to refer you to the best-qualified judgment enforcer, agency, or lawyer, to increase the chances of you recovering money from your debtor.

Every judgment, debtor, lawyer, and judgment enforcer is different. All judgment enforcers do things a bit differently, however, most professional and experienced judgment enforcers follow the same general steps to legally enforce a judgment.

We put detailed information on our web site to help people make better decisions about trying to sell a judgment, or getting the best chance of recovering the most money on a future-pay contingency basis.

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