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Updated for 2017: Nothing we say or email, and nothing on this web site should be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer.
See our National Lawyer State Bar List. State and Federal laws change rapidly.
By the time an article is written or read, some portions may not pertain to your
local community or state. While we try to make sure the articles are accurate at the time
of writing, laws do change. Everyone must do their own research and keep current on changes. JudgmentBuy is America's most authoritative and influential source of
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       Getting Money For Judgments Articles:

       What Is A Judgment?
       Cash Upfront Judgment Values
       A Judgment Checklist
       Judgment Recovery Takes Time
       75% cash upfront for your judgment? Dream on...
       Judgment Prices
       How Much Will You Pay Me For My Judgment?
       The Problem With JudgmentBuy
       Rejecting A Judgment Solution
       Talking About Judgments
       Judgment Statistics
       Collecting Judgments
       Judgment Pricing
       Judgment Buyers Want Easy Judgments
       Marketing Your Judgment
       Marketing Judgments
       JudgmentBuy Explained
       Judgment Expenses
       The Truth About Judgments
       A Partial Judgment Recovery is a Win!
       Problem Judgment Creditors
       Difficult Judgment Debtors
       Wealthy Judgment Debtors
       Judgment Reality
       Hot Potato Judgments
       Possible Judgment Scenarios
       What To Do If You Win a Judgment
       Judgment Payment Arrangements
       Judgment Brokers
       What is a Judgment Broker?
       Strategic Judgment Buying
       I need a copy of the judgment!
       Collection Brokers
       Who Judgment Enforcers Cannot Help
       Avoiding Flaky Enforcers
       Rescuing Judgments
       Loose Judgment Assignments
       Who Owns Your Judgment?
       How to Collect a Judgment
       The FDCPA And Judgments
       Avoiding FDCPA Violations
       Notice Of Assigment.html
       Why You Should Consider Assigning Your Judgment To Someone
       Do Not Assign That Judgment!
       Getting Paid
       We Collect Our Own Judgments!
       Debt Collection Options
       Debts And The FDCPA
       Judgment Solutions
       Collection Agencies
       Choosing A Collection Agency
       Judgment Recovery
       Future Payment
       Future Payment Judgment Recovery
       Enforcing A Judgment
       Judgment Enforcement
       Contingency Judgment Recovery
       Judgment Organization
       Judgment Shopping
       Shopping A Judgment
       Signing Judgment Paperwork
       Judgment Collection
       Judgment Captions
       Who Can Collect My Judgment?
       Lawyers Collecting Judgments
       Attorney Liens
       Judgment Enforcer Or Collection Agency?
       Judgment Proof
       Judgment Shenanigans
       Judgment Listing Web Sites
       The Top Ten Judgment Problems
       Judgment Time Limits
       Judgment Time Limits

       Trying To Get Cash Upfront Articles:

       Selling your Judgment for Cash
       When Nobody Buys Your Judgment
       Unresponsive Judgment Buyers
       Why Cash Up Front Prices Are Way Down
       The Economy And Judgments
       Judgment Buying
       Judgment Quotes
       Quick Judgment Buyers
       Bank Judgment Buyers
       The Top 10 Reasons Judgments Do Not Sell For Much Cash Up Front

       Questions about Judgment Enforcers:

       How to Pick a Judgment Enforcer
       Local Judgments
       How Judgment Enforcers Work
       How Long Does it Take to Enforce a Judgment?
       Slow Judgment Enforcers
       Lazy Judgment Enforcers
       When Judgment Enforcers Flake

       Judgment Recovery Articles:

       Judgment Renewals
       More Than One Judgment
       Multiple Judgment Debtors
       Judgment Delays
       Judgment Interest Calculations
       Interest On Judgment Contracts
       Can You Bypass The Sheriff?
       Judgment Liens
       Notice Of Levy
       Lien Priority
       Judgment Lien Priorities
       Judgments And Tax Liens
       Tax Lien Priorities
       Releasing Judgment Liens
       Lien Priorities
       DBAs And Liens
       How To Record A Lien
       What a UCC Lien Does
       What a UCC Lien Shows
       Are SOS Records Admissible In Court?
       Liening A Lawsuit
       How To Levy A Judgment
       Prepaid Rent Levies?
       Business Judgments
       Small Judgments
       Big Judgments
       Selling A Debtor's Home
       Who Owns That House
       Judgments And Foreclosures
       Community Property
       Marital Discovery
       Judgments And Community Property
       Lis Pendens
       Collateral Estoppel
       Community Property States
       Partial Property Owner Liens
       When A Lien Works
       Writs Of Execution and FiFas
       2 Levies On One Writ
       Bank Levies
       2 Day Bank Holds
       A Bank Levy Checklist
       Bank Searches
       How to Levy a Bank Account
       Levying Out Of State Banks
       When Do Bank Deposits Clear?
       Why Bank Levies Fail
       Safe Deposit Box Levies
       Domain Name Levies
       Judgment Debtor Pet Levies
       Old Judgment Debtors
       Finding A Debtors Address
       Judgments And Vehicle Accidents
       Cars To Satisfy Judgments
       Levying Security Deposits
       Third Party Levies
       Property Levies
       Proving What Your Debtor Owns
       Judgment Debtor Property Sales
       Nunc Pro Tunc
       Sheriff And Marshall Levies
       Sheriff Auctions
       Vehicle Levies
       Vehicle Levy Math - Beware!
       Storage Unit Levies
       DMV Reports
       Assignment Orders
       A Simple Assignment and Restraining order example
       Levying Debtor Property
       Intangible Asset Levies
       Post Judgment Costs
       How To Fill Out MC-12 Forms
       MC-12 Forms With No Costs
       Recording Judgment Costs
       Sheriff Keepers
       Names On Levies
       Fictitious Business Names
       Wage Levies
       Two Levies At The Same Time?
       Places Of Employment
       Employers And EWOs
       Federal Wage Garnishments
       Military Wage Garnishments
       Levying On Stock Accounts
       Dealing With Court Clerks
       Handling YourSelf In Court
       Slow Court Solutions
       Sending Demand Letters
       What Creditors Bring To Court
       Demand Filing Court Documents
       Post Judgment Discovery
       Judgment Interrogatories
       Document Production Requests
       Debtor Examinations
       Debtor Testimony Changes
       Debtor Exams And Depositions
       The Fifth Amendment And Judgments
       The Slapp Defense
       Judgment Debtor Examination Stipulations
       Stipulations And Bench Warrants
       Following Judgment Debtors
       Debtor Exam Turnover Orders
       Turnover Orders With No Examination
       Debtor Tax Returns
       Judgment Debtor
       When Debtors Lie at Examinations
       When Debtors Share SSNs
       Third Party Examinations
       Business Record Subpoenas
       Corporate Record Subpoenas
       Specific Document Requests
       Subpoenas And Consumer Notices
       Spousal Debtor Exams
       Judgment Debtor Exes
       Civil Bench Warrants - Should You Bother?
       Rental Deposit Levies
       Getting The Address Of A PMB
       Charging Orders and LLCs
       Service of Charging Orders and LLCs
       Suing A LLC
       Debtor Fraudulent Transfers
       Fraud Is Legal Over Time
       Taxi Company Judgments
       Judgment Repayment Scams
       Judgment Enforcement State By State
       FDCPA And Judgment Recovery
       Communications With Judgment Debtors
       Cheap Asset Searches
       How to Discover Hidden Assets
       When Companies Dissolve
       Difficult Judgments
       Debtor's Claiming An Exemption
       Claims Of Exemption
       Necessities Of Life Exemption Claims
       Exemplified VS Certified judgments
       Enforcing Federal Judgments
       Foreign Judgment Enforcement - domesticating
       Sister state judgments, domesticating to other states
       Foreign (International) Judgment Domestication
       Affidavit Of Identity
       Judgment Debtor Name Games
       Pastor and Church Judgments
       Impugned Income
       Nonprofit Judgment Debtors
       Partnership Judgment Owners
       Judgments And Partnerships
       Broker And Agent Judgments
       American Indian Judgments
       An introduction to tribal judgments
       Tribal Court Judgment Enforcement
       Tribal Court Case Law
       When Debtors Already Pay Support
       Credit Bidding
       Diving In Dumpsters
       How To Dumpster Dive

       Judgment Leads: Raw leads are often worthless:

       Buying Judgment Leads
       Raw Leads
       Qualifying Judgment Leads
       2017 Judgment Leads
       Liability Of Lead Providers
       Finding and Selling Judgment Leads
       Income For Court Researchers
       Make Money Finding Judgments
       Starting A Judgment Referral Business
       Make Money Referring Judgments

       Judgment Business Articles:

       Quitting The Judgment Business
       Alternate Judgment Income Sources
       Screening Judgment Debtors By Pulling Credit Reports
       Who Can Pull Credit Reports?
       ACH Judgment Payments
       Judgments On Credit Reports
       Returning Lemon Judgments
       Judgment Home Office
       Which Judgments To Take?
       How to Prepare an Assignment Of Judgment
       Judgment Recovery In 2017
       Buying Judgments
       A Judgment Purchase Contract Example
       Contingency Recovery And UPL Issues
       When The Original Judgment Creditor Dies
       Returning Judgments - Assigning them back
       Labor Board Judgments
       Judgment Business Insurance
       When Mortals Collect Debts
       Assignees And Causes Of Action
       Return Clauses and Bailment in Judgment Contracts
       How Judgment Coops Work
       Why Settle A Judgment?
       Settlements And Judgments
       Squeezing The Last Dollar
       Judgment Settling
       Judgment Settling Tips
       Writing Paid In Full On Checks
       Polite Judgment Enforcement
       Settling Difficult Judgments
       Dead Debtors, Deaths, Wills And Probate And Creditors
       Probate court, Unless You Use A Trust
       Probate Profits
       Liens And Probate
       Administering An Estate
       Dead Judgment Debtors
       Dead Debtors
       Dead Debtors And SSDI
       Judgment Debtors And Trusts
       Trusts And Judgments
       Process Serving And Guards
       Becoming A Process Server
       Hiring A Process Server
       Trusts And Judgment Debtors - Asset Protection Trusts
       Judgment Flipping
       Fake Judgments
       When a Substitution Of Attorney is Needed
       Start A Judgment Business Now?
       The Court Says The Judgment Is Worth What?
       Judgment Recovery Training and Courses
       The California Association Of Judgment Professionals (CAJP)
       The National Judgment Network (NJN)
       Judgment Databases
       The Judgment Recovery Business
       Cost Effective Ways To Learn Judgment Recovery
       Quit Claiming A Judgment
       Judgment Business Names and Entities
       Judgment Business Profit Guide
       Judgment Business Tips
       Do Not Take Every Judgment
       The Top Ten Mistakes Judgment Enforcers Make
       Missing Creditors
       Protecting Retirement
       Levying An Ira
       Levying An Ira
       Copying Court Documents
       Using Lawyers In A Judgment Recovery Company
       Outsourcing Judgments
       Should I Hire a PI or a Skip Tracer?
       Judgment Recovery As A Game
       Noticed Motions
       Screening Judgments
       Tire Kicking Creditors
       Creditors To Avoid

       Bankruptcy Articles:

       Bankruptcy Court Tax Returns
       BK Missing Creditors
       Bankruptcy And Settlement Agreements
       Fraudulent Transfers And Bankruptcy
       Fraud Judgments
       Beware Of Bankruptcy
       Your Judgment and Bankruptcy
       Bankruptcy And Liens
       Summary Of Judgment
       Bankruptcy Is Unfair To Creditors
       Bankruptcy And Settlement Agreements
       Community Property And Bankruptcy
       Frequent Bankruptcy Filers
       Bankruptcy Bombs
       Judgment Renews And Debtors Going BK
       Chapter 20 BKs
       Bankruptcy Privacy
       Res Judicata
       Bankruptcy Research
       Buying Bankruptcy Assets

       Court, Lawyer, and Lawsuit Articles:

       How to Find the Right Lawyer
       Lawyers And Judgments
       Attorney Fees And Judgments
       Multiple Plaintiffs
       Suing With The Correct Name
       Contingency Attorneys
       Contingency Collection Lawyers
       Ex Parte
       Court Translators
       The Different Court Types
       Civil Court Website Fees
       When Civil Courts Close
       Courts Stopping Judgment Recovery
       Default Court Judgments
       When Default Judgments Get Vacated
       Vacating A Judgment
       How To Remove A Judgment
       Elisor Orders
       Pro Hac Vice
       Lis Pendens 2
       Fraud And Lis Pendens
       Pre-Judgment Property Attachments
       Pleading Paper
       Electronic Discovery
       Orders To Show Cause
       Unlawful Detainer Judgments
       Small Claims Court
       Pro Tem Judges
       Court Fee Waivers
       Notaries and Jurats
       Representing Yourself in Small Claims Court
       Proof Of Service Names
       Getting Served
       Service By Publication
       Serving In The Courtroom
       Lawsuit Funding
       Lawsuit Funding Delays
       The Satisfaction of a Judgment
       Law Libraries
       The Difference Between State And Federal Courts
       Federal Writs
       Civil VS Criminal Courts
       When to Use a Court Receiver
       Receivers And Receivership
       Making Legal Characters
       Quantum Meruit clauses

       State And Local Articles:

       Alabama Judgment Enforcement
       Alaska Judgment Laws
       Arizona Judgment Laws
       Arkansas Judgment Laws
       State Chartered Banks
       California Judgment Laws
       California Banks
       California's CCP 3432
       California Renewal Tips
       Opposing 3rd-Party Claims
       California SSN Privacy And Levies
       California Subpoena Timelines
       California Judgment Enforcement
       California Civil Sheriffs
       California Bank Levies
       California Assignment Order Laws
       California Attorney Fees
       Connecticut Banks
       DC Judgment laws
       Delaware Judgment laws
       Santa Clara Judgments
       Kings County Judgments
       Colorado Judgment Laws
       Connecticut Judgment Laws
       Georgia Judgment Enforcement
       Massachusetts Judgment Enforcement
       New Jersey Judgment Enforcement
       The Texas Court System
       Texas Post-Judgment Discovery

      Miscellaneous Articles:

       Inverse Condemnation
       How Companies Dissolve
       Going After Dissolved Corporations
       Investing In Judgments
       Dirt or Gold judgments
       Judgment Websites
       Is an LLC Best?
       LLC Funding Risks
       Sole Proprietors Are OK
       What is a Judgment Enforcement Agency?
       An Agent Of a Judgment Enforcement Company?
       LDAs and LDPs Explained
       The Golden Judgment
       Work At Home Scams
       Ten Easy Tests To Detect MLM Scams
       Do Alexa Ratings Matter?
       Paperwork Retention
       Dealing With Flakes
       Problems With Captcha
       The problem with Hotmail and Free Email services
       Getting Past The Receptionist
       Credit Reports And Judgments
       Judgments Are A Credit Problem
       Disputing Bills
       Mobile Homes
       Judgments And Credit Reports
       Forming A Contract
       Contract Settlements
       Debt Statutes Of Limitation
       Dealing With Debt Collectors
       Executors Of Estates
       Dormant Companies Need To File Tax Returns
       Power Of Attorney
       Toll Free Numbers - a Waste of Money?
       Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems
       The Decline Of Usenet
       On The Internet, nothing is private
       Fiverr Reviewed
       Easy Meditation
       Getting Past What Is
       Reality Is Overrated
       Cutting Back On News
       Healthy Pizza
       A Sprout Growing Guide
       Medical Weed Cleans Sinuses
       Glide Floss
       Rinsing Your Sinuses
       Sinus Rinsing Devices Compared
       Make Or Buy Sinus Rinse?
       Bathroom Fans
       Central Vacuum Clogs
       The Best Way To Run Windows
       Editing With Quicktime Pro
       The EagleData Macintosh Database
       Fingerprint Reader Legality
       Auto CashBot Review
       Mobile Ready Web Sites
       Blogtalk Radio Podcasts
       LinkedIn Endorsements
       Google Play
       Free Online Training
       A Skype Local Number Review
       Amazon's Glacier
       Telephone Courtesy
       The Power Of Zero
       Recording Conversations
       Forum Chat Software
       Forum Moderation Tips
       Robot Forum Moderation
       Cyber Crime
       The Last Computer User
       Daylight Saving Time
       Cleaning Negative Music
       The City Late Fee Scam
       Changes In Grocery Shopping
       Alternatives To TurboTax
       Email Disclaimers
       Multiple Email Signatures
       SEO Help Offers
       My Prozac Nightmare

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