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Judgment Information: Free - quick and no obligation, expert judgment referrals. JudgmentBuy takes all types of enforceable judgments in every state and world-wide, however JudgmentBuy tells you the truth: Most judgments sell at 1-7% cash upfront, or 50/50 future-payment contingency, where you get paid after money is recovered. If your judgment debtor makes good money and has lots of available assets, you can get much more, we have seen up to 37% cash upfront purchases in real life. If your judgment debtor has lots of available assets, and your judgment is easy to recover, JudgmentBuy has the best Judgment Buyers, or contingency recovery experts at VIP rates, better than anywhere else, and too low to list here. We solve the problem of what to do with your judgment.

For JudgmentBuy's free expert referral help, for your best chance to recover some judgment money:

1) Send us a copy of your judgment or debt and what you know about your debtor. Because JudgmentBuy insists on reality, we need a copy of your judgment and what you know about your debtor before we proceed. Along with the judgment, we need (if available) their date of birth, their age, partial SSN, their address, previous address, assets owned or employment info, etc. If you do not have any or all of this information, that is OK, but please send whatever you do have. You can send it by email, fax it, or mail it to us. We need both the judgment copy and info on the debtor to proceed. Sending your information to us does not obligate you, saves you time, assures your privacy, and costs you nothing. The advantage of JudgmentBuy is you are now done. Many people choose to talk to hundreds of companies and send their judgment to each one, however that is very slow and time consuming and does not get you a better offer, and is a waste of time.

2) JudgmentBuy quickly gives you a free, (with no obligation or hassle) evaluation and our expert recommendation for a buyer or a recovery specialist, only to those that charge you nothing upfront.

3) Tell JudgmentBuy what you want. Please be reasonable. (We cost you nothing and nothing extra, we are paid by judgment buyers or enforcers.)

4) JudgmentBuy introduces you for free to the best solution, then you decide what you want to do. If one solution does not work out, we are the only company that has the best alternate solutions.

Does JudgmentBuy buy or recover judgments? No, even better, for free, no hassle, and with no obligation, we know the track record of the very best judgment buyers and recovery experts, and JudgmentBuy can often refer you to them the same day. If your judgment debtor has available assets, you get top dollar. Everything depends on your debtor and what state. If your debtor has assets, we get you a buyer that actually and quickly pays for your judgment.

When your debtor has assets, you may not have to assign your judgment. You keep ownership of your judgment, for expert attorneys to try to recover your judgment on a future-pay contingency recovery basis, where you do not pay attorney fees, quantum meruit, or private investigator fees.

A UCC lien alone is not a debt or judgment. A judgment is not cash, a judgment is a chance for getting cash some day. Nobody can quote you a price for your judgment over the phone. What a judgment is worth depends only on the available assets of your judgment debtor. It does not matter who you contact, what your own situation is, what you discuss, or which web sites you visit. A judgment can never be used as loan collateral.

If you do not believe us, that is fine, however, please do yourself a favor, and after you find that you cannot sell your judgment in (e.g., six months) for more than JudgmentBuy predicts, please come back to JudgmentBuy for the best chance of getting something for your judgment. JudgmentBuy is here to help you, after you are done searching for what cannot be found.

After you have accepted these facts about your judgment situation, let JudgmentBuy's incredible expertise increase your chance of being repaid the most, and save you so much time and effort. Only JudgmentBuy refers you to the top 1% (very best) judgment lawyers and judgment enforcers all with simple paperwork and excellent track records. Using JudgmentBuy is free, costs you nothing, and costs you nothing extra.

John Adams, Email:  info@judgmentbuy.com       
Even though starting with JudgmentBuy gives you the best chance of getting paid on any judgment, please read this entire page before calling us. If you cannot read and understand what this web page says, or follow Step 1 above, we cannot help you and there is no reason to call us. We get lots of calls and many go to voice mail. Please leave a message for a quick callback. We are not lawyers, so please do not ask us for legal advice, thank you.

What if you do not want to proceed after we find an expert for your judgment? Simply tell us that you do not wish to go with our referral. You are not obligated in any way, however please be serious in wanting someone to try to recover your judgment. We are no hassle, no paperwork, and no obligation, yet designed for those ready to get their judgments purchased or recovered. We never own your judgment in any way. Note, there may be circumstances beyond our control, which makes it impossible to help everyone.

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  Only JudgmentBuy offers:

1) Free Evaluation - We evaluate your judgment situation for free, which saves you time.
2) Quick Results - The best judgment experts, we usually find the right solution for you in less than 1 day.
3) The Best Solution - Contingency collection lawyers nationwide, with the best reality-based rates. Much cheaper rates when your judgment is large and your debtor has lots of assets! We know how to increase your chance of recovering the most money.
4) We Make it Easy - Send us the judgment and the debtor information once, and we do the rest.
5) Best Enforcement Price - Free - We cost you nothing, Name Your Price (for future payment, cash upfront it is not up to you or us, it is up to the buyer), we find a match.
6) Privacy - We preserve your privacy, why send your judgment to many strangers to evaluate?
7) We screen out flakes - We very actively screen out flakes and bad apples. No other company does that.
8) Experts - We have referred more judgments to the best recovery experts and buyers, than all other companies combined, it is all we do, and we do it best.
9) Flexibility - We can refer you for free, to lawyers, process servers, private investigators, and more. In Southern California and other places, we can hook you up with recovery experts to rescue judgments assigned to judgment enforcers who flaked out! Did your enforcer flake out? Email us, we may be able to help!
10) Here for you - We will find you a contingency enforcer after you first try to sell your judgment for cash on any other web site. If JudgmentBuy cannot help you, no one can.
11) We tell you the truth - We do not lie to you, JudgmentBuy helps you actually sell or recover a judgment. We are no obligation and no hassle, save you lots of time, and find you real buyers and enforcers who are not flakes.
12) In a crummy economy you need JudgmentBuy! With judgment enforcers and buyers and collection attorneys flaking out, and going out of business left and right, you need quality referrals, and that is what JudgmentBuy is world-famous for.
13) We market your judgment relentlessly Without compromising privacy, nobody market your judgment better than JudgmentBuy.
14) We are in constant contact with experts We talk to judgment recovery experts and buyers daily. We know, and work with the best.
15) We have the best 3rd party connections We get things done, no banana oil at JudgmentBuy.