Judgment Lead Referral Profits

       See our Judgment Referrals Signup page or
       email info@judgmentbuy.com for our fair and simple
       signup form, to sign up with us for free.
       We screen creditors and debtors, and if the judgment looks OK,
       we refer it to experts (like you).

       We want to find the best judgment experts,
       especially for the States not listed on
       our website, and we invite you to sign up with us.
       We promise you will be happy you did. We are free, and no hassle.

       We send you PDF leads or forward you the creditors emails,
       and you let us know if you want it. If you do not, just tell us.
       If you do, we email the creditor and CC you, introducing you.
       If the judgment lead is a dud, you owe us nothing.
       If you recover the judgment and make a profit,
       we ask for 10% of your NET
       (after your expenses) profit, on the recovery or
       purchase of the judgment.
       We do not hassle you because we know it can take a long time.
       All we ask is that you pay us (and the creditor) if our lead made you money.
       Please do not contact the creditor or the debtor until we make the introduction.

       Thanks, if you have questions,
       we can email you our telephone number, or just email
       info@judgmentbuy.com. Thank you.
    Contact: John Adams at info@judgmentbuy.com
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