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Please punish my debtor!

Q: I don't care about the money - you can keep it. I just want you guys to punish my debtor and make my debtor miserable!

A: Judgment Enforcers, collection agencies, and collection lawyers (JEs) only enforce money judgments for the purpose of recovering money. They do not harass anyone without provocation. With JEs, it is usually strictly friendly business. As a consolation - if the debtor does not start paying the JE soon, they will have more hassles - and expenses to pay.

Q: Why don't you put my debtor's name on your judgment listings, won't that help get my judgment recovered faster and shame them into paying?

A: Because of privacy laws, including the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - see our FDCPA article) we do not put debtor names (or your name) on our web site. We do not own your judgment, and even if we did, we would not have the right to tell the public about a debtor's judgment debt. In the past, grocery stores put bad checks up on the wall for the public to see, you usually do not see that any more.

This is another reason to use JudgmentBuy, is that we preserve the privacy of everyone, debtors, creditors, judgment enforcers, collection lawyers - everyone. Other judgment listing sites and judgment forums and email lists, display debtor's names, creditor's names, phone numbers, addresses, and every time we see that we cringe. JudgmentBuy is professional and preserving your privacy always helps.

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