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You want the most cash possible for your judgment ASAP. However, a judgment is not cash. Only the available assets of your judgment debtor can pay off a judgment. Nobody can get or give you a better deal/price than JudgmentBuy. If your debtor does not have and never will have any assets, nobody will pay much, or recover much of your judgment.

If your judgment debtor is not hopeless, JudgmentBuy is the best, is free, and is the expert at quickly finding you the right judgment solution, to quickly buy or recover your judgment money. JudgmentBuy screens out flakes and bad apples, and only refers you to experts (pure contingency that never charge you a dime) and judgment buyers that actually buy judgments. For the truth about judgments, see our judgment information page. Tough judgments do not sell, and most judgments get recovered on a future payment contingency basis. What is better, calling 100 judgment companies to try to get the lowest recovery fee percentage, or using JugmentBuy once, and JudgmentBuy (for free) quickly do the shopping to find the best judgment expert solution for you?

follow instructions Send your judgment to JudgmentBuy.
Make sure to have a copy of your judgment handy and send it to us, and be sure to send us what you know about the debtor(s). If you are not going to send in the judgment and what you know about your debtor, then we cannot help you. We do not respond until we get a copy of your judgment. Please quickly send us a copy of your judgment. Mail or email a JPG, TIFF, or PDF of your judgment to">

(Questions? - check the FAQ)   Please include area codes with phone numbers, and all your contact info on all faxes. Include a copy of your judgment and whatever you know about your debtor and their assets.)

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