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Why Should I pick you?

question John Adams of JudgmentBuy symbol Q: There are a lot of Judgment Enforcers, why should I pick you instead of searching on the internet?

A: Because JudgmentBuy custom matches the right judgment enforcer for your judgment. In general, and some of the ways we select judgment enforcers include:
  • Their long-term record for recovering judgments and paying creditors.
  • How quickly and helpfully they answer their phone and email.
  • How knowledgeable they are.
  • How simple or useful their web site is.
  • Their memberships in judgment-related organizations (or willingness to keep learning).
  • How much they charge and their business policies.
  • How long they have been in business.
  • Required Licenses and/or business status.
  • How easy it is to find them by name on the web.
  • How close they are to your debtor.
JudgmentBuy has the best free referrals and introductions for judgment creditors; to collection agencies, contingency lawyers, and other judgment professionals, to help recover judgments in every state, and other countries. See our How to Pick a Judgment Enforcer and How Judgment Enforcers Work articles.

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