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Will you spam me?

Q: If I email you, or send you a judgment to look at - will you keep bugging me if I decide not to use you? Will you keep calling me? Will you send me spam?

A: JudgmentBuy does not spam anyone, and we do not bug anyone except those jealous of our success.

If you were referred to us - or if a judgment enforcer sends you paperwork - and month goes by - you may get an email or two.

We know it takes some people a while to reach a decision - about something as important as selling your judgment to a judgment enforcer, as you would with any other financial choice.

JudgmentBuy does not bug you. Contact JudgmentBuy when it is convenient for you, to come back and benefit from JudgmentBuy's high quality, reliable, free, no obligation, and very-quick judgment referral service.

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