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How much could your Judgment be worth today?

This calculator shows what a judgment COULD be worth.
(Also see our Interest and Limits guide and our article on Judgment interest.)

Post-Judgment Interest Calculator

Amount of Judgment

Daily Interest
Date Judgment Awarded

Number of Days
Interest Rate (10% In Calif.)

Interest Accrued
(Result rounded to nearest cent)

Current Value

Do not worry about the small differences that various judgment calculators may show, the exact calculations can be determined by the courts and judgment professionals. Note, no matter what judgment calculator you use, it is all theory; because until a judgment is recovered, judgments are often worth little, nothing, or have an unknown value. Most judgments are never recovered partially because of the economy. In real life, most judgment interest is not recovered, but JudgmentBuy offers you the best chance to get some money back on your judgment. Here are other judgment calculators, e.g., the two below:,1424399&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL#.

Why Wait? - No Recovery, No Fee.

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