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JudgmentBuy has the best judgment lead referral payment system of any judgment lead finder or provider. Earn money by helping Original Judgment Creditors (OJCs) - usually known as the plaintiff start recovering their judgment money faster by starting with JudgmentBuy. By simply finding and referring a judgment lead to JudgmentBuy, whatever JudgmentBuy earns, we split 50/50 with you. JudgmentBuy works hard to help every enforceable judgment get enforced. You do not have to have a copy of the judgment or know the judgment owner. However, to make this work, the judgment owner must send us a copy of their judgment. All we need is the OJC's contact information. More information is appreciated, but is optional. Whoever refers the lead to JudgmentBuy first gets the credit.
You do not have to sign up with JudgmentBuy to get paid for your judgment lead referrals, however if you are going to refer more than one, why not sign up? Please read, and at your option, sign, and return our free, simple, and one-time   Finder's Agreement PDF.

Please as much as you can on the judgment lead info you can send us below:   Fill out as much as you can. (Most judgment leads do not pan out.)
Email: info@judgmentbuy.com.

Where to find judgment leads?

When you find a judgment lead that's not right for you, it is now an income opportunity:
1) You are getting out of the judgment business - but you still get leads.
2) In your business, you find many judgments not right for you.
3) You may know someone with a judgment.
4) Online data services such as Merlin, Lexis (although no one service includes all judgments), etc.
5) Researching court records.
6) Judgment Enforcers getting calls, emails, and faxes.
7) Judgment lead sellers such as KnowX, JellyBean, Wolfgang, etc.
8) You are a process server, or someone else that meets a lot of judgment owners.
9) You are good at marketing, so why not for judgment leads?

How long will it take for a Judgment Enforcer to pick my judgment lead?

Nothing happens instantly, however JudgmentBuy places judgments ASAP - worldwide.

When will I get paid for my lead?

You get paid when we get paid - it depends on when the judgment is:
1) Enforced, purchased or settled by the judgment enforcer - meaning the debtor's assets
have been used to pay off the Judgment.
2) Paid by the judgment enforcer - to the Original Judgment Creditor and us.

How long these 2 steps take, depends mostly on how enforceable the Judgment is.

What will we tell your Referrals? We ask them if they have a judgment that needs be enforced, or whatever you wish us to tell them.

What is a good lead? The most important thing is to impress upon a judgment owner is that JudgmentBuy means they no longer need to shop their judgment. Too often, people think they must contact 100 buyers and enforcers and then come to JudgmentBuy. The opposite is true, they will get paid faster and save so much time, starting with JudgmentBuy.

Most raw leads do not pan out. Often by the time a judgment owner has contacted you they have contacted 100 other enforcers. A good lead is where the debtor has assets and the OJC wants their judgment enforced and is willing to share what is recovered to make that happen. Of course that is very hard to predict. If the lead is a big company, try and find a name of a specific person, because most big companies do not want their judgments enforced by outsiders.

If you refer raw leads, many of them will not pan out. If you pre-screen leads, most will pan out. It would benefit you to remind OJCs that JudgmentBuy is the right solution - because we are.

Q: Does one have to have prior contact with the OJC to refer a judgment to JudgmentBuy.com?

A: No, however the best leads are not raw leads. When one talks to the OJC and makes sure they are "sober", they can find out quick if the lead is junk or possibly good. Leads are junk if OJC wants 50% cash up front, or an average judgment enforced for 20% future pay, or it's a $40 judgment, for example.

Raw leads are fine, it's just they usually do not pan out. Anyone can refer a raw lead from any source, however those are usually very low quality leads. Screening leads usually gets you a lot more money. (Please read our Finding and Selling Judgment Leads article.)

How do I know if my lead is being enforced? If the judgment owner sends us the judgment and the debtor is not BK, we place the judgment the same day. Things usually move very slowly in this economy.

When will I be paid? You get paid when we get paid. We are fast, the world is usually slow.

Will you send me a 1099? If we pay you more than $600 a year, we will have to send you a 1099.

Do I have to get a copy of the Judgment? No, however it is a good idea, to verify the creditor is serious about having someone else recover or buy their judgment at a realistic sale price.

If I sign your agreement now; as an individual judgment submission consultant; would I be able to update my form, once I activate an L.L.C? That way, all future judgment submissions, would come through and be paid out to the L.L.C?
When it is time to pay you, we will email you, and you can tell us who to make out the check to.

What is the preferred format, for submitting judgments to your company? (E-mail, fax, etc.) Any form is OK, email is best. But be aware, most raw leads are worthless. Many creditors are uninformed, many debtors are bankrupt or broke, etc. The best leads are ones where you have talked to the creditor.

When I get to the point, of submitting multiple judgments (each judgment either representing an separate individual; or a particular individual getting judgments against separate debtors); would I be able to specify if I want either payout upfront, or 50% of whatever is recovered over the term of the debt, for each individual case submitted?
The creditor's wishes mean almost nothing. The debtor's available asset situation means everything. A creditor can say "I want 25% cash upfront" all their life, but they will never get that, unless their debtor is very rich and stable. However yes, you can transmit what the creditors are looking for but ut is very hard to sell a judgment for cash upfront.

How would I be able to check the status recovery efforts, for a submitted case? Is there a particular log-in website, for status updates? Things move very slowly in this economy.

When I talk to the OJC, what should I tell them? Anything you wish, perhaps, "I know a company that can help, can I refer them to you?" (Then email us to tell us about the lead.)

Do I need to skip trace and look for assets on the debtors? No, all we need is the name of the judgment owner and their phone number or email address. However, if you send us a judgment lead where the assets and location of the debtor are known, the judgment will be enforced quickly and you will get paid much faster. Note, we no longer talk with people who cannot or will not read some of our web site.

How hard will JudgmentBuy work to convince an OJC? Original Judgment Creditors sometimes are not ready to have their judgment enforced.

Some are too big, and have their own lawyers and collection agencies. When we bring their attention to having something done to enforce their judgment, their response is often that they will handle it "in house". It does not seem to matter to them, that their "in house" solution has done nothing to try and recover their judgment(s) for many years. JudgmentBuy cannot help when and OJC is not facing reality.

Some people are not realistic, and think their judgments are made of gold, or that nobody should make more than (e.g.) 20%, when recovering a judgment. Those people would rather let their judgments expire and become worthless than give up any portion of whatever might be recovered. We cannot help those who do not believe that half of something is better than all of nothing.

Most judgments owners want to sell their judgment for an unrealistic amount of cash up front - and need to shop their judgment for many months before accepting reality.

We always contact your leads, usually by email. If the OJC does not respond within a week, it is a dead lead. To a reasonable degree, we follow up on your leads, we want your lead to pay off as much as you do. Some OJCs "smell the coffee" and contact us even a year later.

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