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JudgmentBuy is the free, simple, and fair way to get the best judgment leads, that we refer to judgment experts. To those wanting to refer raw judgment leads to us, be aware that most raw judgment leads do not pan out, and we no longer make cold calls; so you should research the creditor, and get a copy of the judgment, before sending the lead to us. Then, you can make money off judgment leads. The house (JudgmentBuy) keeps 5%, the referrer of the judgment lead keeps 5%. Our judgment leads are always free to attorneys and collection agencies.

Free, mutually beneficial new business for anyone with an enforceable judgment lead.

Make money referring judgment leads - perhaps judgments not right for you. JudgmentBuy pays a 5% Finders Fee for every successful judgment lead referral. This means any money JudgmentBuy gets, we split 50/50 with you. This increases your profits, without any risks, costs, or hassles.

JudgmentBuy is another tool in your toolbox. We only add profitable no-hassle choices to your business, we do not interfere with anything you do. Send JudgmentBuy your unwanted judgment leads and get paid if the judgment gets enforced. If the leads are difficult to enforce, the chances of recovery go way down. JudgmentBuy has a home for every enforceable judgment, why not give yourself and the Original Judgment Creditor (OJC) the best chance to get paid? (See our Liability Of Lead Providers article.)

Judgment Enforcers, Buyers and Attorneys

Every day, JudgmentBuy gets more judgment leads. JudgmentBuy's leads are new local business for you. Our leads are pre-screened, validated, and all are assignable judgments directly from informed "pre-sold" OJCs. Our leads are the best, with a copy of the judgment, and more. The debtor and creditor have been found and the creditor wants their judgment collected.

Unlike any other company, JudgmentBuy screens out lemon creditors as best we can. Some creditors are not ready to have their judgments recovered. We do our best to turn the too drunk, too stoned, too sleepy, too crazy, too unrealistic, or uneducated creditors away. One more bonus - many OJCs send too much information, and duplications, and sometimes junk, we toss out that junk and make a PDF lead that has just the meat in it, no filler.

JudgmentBuy's judgment leads are matched to your preferences. Our leads are free to lawyers. With our leads, you are not obligated to enforce or buy any judgment, but if you do, you get a 90% share of the net profit you make. (You send JudgmentBuy 10% of your net profit, we keep 5%, and the FINDER gets 5%.)

If you do not make any money - our judgment lead is free. If you pay JudgmentBuy 10% of your net profit (which is roughly 5% of the gross amount recovered), that is very good news for you. It means you made a profit enforcing the judgment. It also means the judgment lead Finder got 5% - so they will be eager to find more judgments for you to enforce. JudgmentBuy's system is much better than paying in advance for judgment leads - that may or may not pan out. See our simple (one-time) simple (free) PDF Signup Form. JudgmentBuy's revenue structure encourages synergy, and is fair to all parties. Individual agreements are not required.

Why pay 10% of the potential net profit of enforcing or buying a judgment?
Because that means you got a great lead and made 90% of the profit! Also, half of what JudgmentBuy gets goes to another judgment enforcer and JudgmentBuy already got you a copy of the judgment and the debtor information, and we have already talked with the OJC - and have "pre-sold" them. We already screened and verified the debtor can be found, and that BK is not an issue - and this screened judgment is in YOUR county, that you did not know about before. Again, attorneys never pay us a dime for leads. (Note, while JudgmentBuy makes a diligent effort to locate the correct judgment debtor, once you own a judgment, it is your obligation and responsibility to verify for yourself, that you know for certain that you have the right judgment debtor.)

Spend less time driving and mailing, and more time in your own neighborhood. JudgmentBuy cuts your costs, and increases chances for successful judgment enforcements - because when the debtor (and usually the court) are close to you, it is easier to enforce a judgment.

Judgment Lead Finders, Lawyers, Judgment Enforcers and buyers

Make money two ways:   Refer judgments leads to JudgmentBuy,   and/or get judgment lead referrals from JudgmentBuy.
Contract Holding guy Sign up with us and make more money. We have a simple (one-time) simple (free) PDF Signup Form. No individual agreements are required.

Do you spend time taking phone calls, getting copies of judgments - and then discovering the judgment debtor was too far away, had no available assets showing, spoke another language, or the judgment was not right for you? Refer those judgment leads out and make money.

For example, you could explain to creditors:  "I can't help you with that judgment, because (insert appropriate reason)  but I know a judgment company that can.  Do you want me to email you the company?"

That is it. You email them and carbon copy and you are done.
The first person to refer the lead gets credit. Your lead is automatically entered into our system, and we take it from there. If your lead pays off, you get a check.

See our FINDER's page. You get a 5% Finders Fee when you refer judgments to JudgmentBuy. This means any money JudgmentBuy gets, we split 50/50 with you. And, if you assign a judgment back to the OJC and you refer them to JudgmentBuy, you can get a Finder's fee.

JudgmentBuy is great for everyone. Even if you are new to the judgment business, you can make money just by looking at/getting court files, and then referring judgments that are not right for you at this time.

In a successful judgment enforcement business, one only buys/enforces judgments that they can enforce quickly. Another tip is to make money off every judgment you come across - a judgment that is not right for you, might be right for another judgment professional, and that can lead to you getting paid.

Judgment Enforcer/Attorney/Referral FAQ

1) (JE stands for Judgment Enforcer, which could be a contingency collections lawyer, a judgment buyer, or a judgment enforcer.) We cannot release any specific judgment case information until you have signed and returned our one-time Agreement.

2) We used to put judgments on a list, however now we refer them instantly to seasoned experts. If you sign up with us, you can get our leads, matched to your preferences. You can always also refer leads to JudgmentBuy and make money.

3) Our agreement is a pool agreement that equally protects both you and JudgmentBuy. It takes just minutes to read and return, and it costs you nothing. Our simple agreement is common sense. You can file it instantly, as the important points are repeated on this web page. More than 5,200 lawyers, buyers, agencies, and professionals have signed our Agreement. If you think our agreement needs to be changed, remember that we cannot change our working system, except if the change is an improvement, that is an improvement for everyone.

5) Upon request, JudgmentBuy sends the details of our judgment leads to you. You can decline to accept any or all of our judgment leads, and will still get more judgment leads from us, as you prefer. We email you a PDF with a copy of the judgment, and our database screens, showing the data we have gotten from the OJC and from public data sources.

Then, you review the data and situation of the debtor and do your own checking. Please give us your decision within one week. Please do not contact the OJC until we introduce you to them. Also, the first buyer or contingency lawyer confirms to us that they want the judgment, gets it.

If you confirm to JudgmentBuy that you want to recover or buy the judgment, JudgmentBuy contacts the OJC and arranges for your contact by introducing you to the OJC. Then JudgmentBuy is out of the picture, and you are in full control, the same as with any other judgments you buy or enforce.

We send judgment leads to any lawyer or judgment enforcer (who has signed up with us, and is in good standing) upon request. The first Judgment enforcer that confirms with JudgmentBuy, that they want the judgment lead gets it. JudgmentBuy's screening is only to qualify the judgment, and is not a substitute for actual investigations and judgment enforcement.

The OJC signs your paperwork and assigns/sells their judgment to you. If the judgment turns out to be a lemon - (e.g.) the debtor is and will remain poor or goes BK, you can return the judgment to the OJC. If the judgment is successfully (partially or fully) recovered, when it is time to pay the OJC, you pay us our share too, so JudgmentBuy and the Finder of the judgment can also be paid. You can also refer judgment leads to JudgmentBuy and earn Finder's fees.

6) Like always, a JE can assign any judgment back to the OJC - if they cannot enforce it, or something comes up that prevents them from working on the judgment.

7) You can refer judgments you worked on before to JudgmentBuy. Upon a successful recovery, you get a Finder's fee - and might also get back your court-endorsed costs.

8) Nothing about us (or you, when you enforce our referred judgment leads) involves anything even remotely related to UPL. Judgments are owned by you, assigned from the OJC to you, and you step into the shoes of the Original Judgment Creditor. For each judgment - you control everything.

9) JEs are not employees or contractors with or for us. We have no say on how, when, or if you enforce any judgment. We assume you want to work on your own terms to get paid - that is all. If you cannot, or will not be able to enforce the judgment, we suggest you simply assign the judgment back to the OJC and refer them back to JudgmentBuy.

10) JudgmentBuy's agreement does not put any time limits on you. You work at your own pace. You can move, or enjoy a beer from time to time. We do not pester you, we wait for you. But please do not be a statue.

11) When we send a JE a Judgment lead - and the JE enforces the judgment - the JEs work independently. If you are stuck, let us know, or visit our forum - we will try to help where we can. Just like the OJC and you - we want the judgment enforced. We are helping you - not competing with you.

12) Our revenue structure is fair - as found in our Agreement. As always, the OJC signs Your paperwork, and assigns the judgment to you directly.

13) Our Agreement does not limit or change your current business. We do not control what percentage you charge the OJCs, what counts is your net profit from a successful enforcement. What are expenses? The kind appropriate for the judgment. Who defines appropriate? You do. For example, spending $1,000 to recover $1,000 is not appropriate. Spending $1,000 to recover $25,000 is.

Chipper Coffee Guy 14) You can purchase judgments outright. We don't change how you do business. What counts is your net profit after enforcing your judgment. What if you use a collection company or lawyer in your business? As long as you are upfront with us and the OJC, we are fine with that. (See our Using A Lawyer In Your Judgment Business article.)

15) Our leads are not from questionable sources or ownership status. They are all from OJCs directly - ready to assign to you. When buying judgment leads, it is a good idea to determine the history of the judgments being offered for sale. One should be careful in purchasing judgments that have been owned by any party other than the Original Judgment Creditor.

16) There are no limits on how many judgments you can get from us - but we send them to you one at a time. After we have a long term successful and profitable business relationship, we can send you a flood of judgments. For new-to-JudgmentBuy enforcers, we can send you only 2 judgments until you make progress on one, or return one of them. After you show you have skills in enforcing, and know how to return lemon judgments, then we can send you many more.

Rodney Dangerfield 17) One web site (That does not like how JudgmentBuy is wildly succeeding, and helping collection lawyers, enforcers, lead finders, and judgment owners better than any other company on earth.) currently says: "Pay A Broker 10 per cent? - Are you nuts? - Over time that might cost you $25,000".  Our answers are:

  A) Lawyers never pay us for judgment leads.

  B) If you pay JudgmentBuy $25,000 that's fantastic news for you, that means that you netted $225,000 in profit, and JudgmentBuy paid $12,500 to the judgment lead finder. Not only are you doing great, but the future is going to be great as the lead finders got paid, so they will keep referring leads.

  C) JudgmentBuy does not charge you a cent upfront. Why pay a membership or listing fee before you know if the leads will pan out? The beauty of competition is you can sign up with us for free, and also pay other web sites if you wish.

18) JEs should attempt to keep judgments enforceable (renewed). If a judgment is returned - it should be returned to the OJC at least 3 months before it expires.

19) JEs must have experience enforcing judgments, and abide by all laws.

20) JEs should be responsive on business days - and respond to very occasional inquiries from JudgmentBuy or the OJC within 2 weeks (with a goal of within 24 hours).

21) If the JE is stuck and cannot make any progress to enforce a judgment, or see any possible progress in the future, they should they be open to the possibility of returning the judgment to the OJC. JEs (and everyone) should report bankruptcy of debtors as soon as possible.

22) Few of us plan on getting sick or to die, but it will happen to all of us. It is a good idea to plan in advance for both their families and others they have contracted with, for winding down their judgment business should they be unable to continue.

It is a good policy to arrange for the timely re-assignment back and returning of all judgments to the OJC. Please notify Judgmentbuy when this happens. We suggest that everyone makes arrangements, when the time comes, to have your successor in interest, executor, or estate, reassign all judgments back to the original judgment owners and to notify JudgmentBuy of having done so.

23) In cases of foreign judgments - if the OJC has not already domesticated the judgment - either the OJC or the JE (who owns the judgment) needs to domesticate it where the debtor lives. This cost can and should be added to the debtor's debt.

Before we send a judgment lead to you, we make our best effort to let you know the debtor's situation - so you can be confident about handling or delegating the costs of domestication.

We suggest perhaps asking the OJC to get a certified/exemplified copy of the Judgment. Of course you have your own practices and policies in your business. Our judgment leads are like any other judgment leads, you are in full control. We always step out of the picture after we make the introduction.

Questions we have been asked:

Q: I already have enough judgments, who needs to pay for more?

A: (Lawyers never pay us a dime for leads.) You never pay JudgmentBuy for a lead unless you make a profit from our lead. Even if you never buy or recover a judgment from one of our judgment leads, you can refer judgment leads to JudgmentBuy and make money. We are free, we have a one-time simple sign-up form, and then you can refer judgments for life.

Q: I take all judgments that come in, I never need to refer any, so why sign up?

A: You do not have to sign up with us. One day you will find a judgment where the debtor is too far away. Think about how many judgments you turned down, or should have turned down. Refer them to JudgmentBuy and make money.

Q: I don't like paperwork, why do I have to sign an agreement?

A: You do not have to sign up to refer leads to us. Have you seen our sign-up form yet? It is really simple, and it's just one-time. The agreement insures that you get paid.

Q: I am an attorney, and you can look me up, why do you need my State Bar number?

A: When we introduce a judgment owner to you, we have found they almost always want to know your State Bar number.

Q: Are you related to Lance or OJ's lawyer, or any other judgment-related Toft?

A: No. Even Harry Toft (a low-down stealer of judgments) is not part of JudgmentBuy.

Q: Have JudgmentBuy's leads already been worked on by a collector, the kind that nobody can collect?

A: No. All our leads come from Original Judgment Creditors.

Q: Why do you charge too much for your leads, 10%?

A: We are free and no obligation unless we make you money. (Lawyers never pay us a dime for leads.) Half of that 10% (only on a profit you make), 5%, goes to the judgment enforcer that referred the judgment to us. You only pay 10% of your NET profit, only if you make a profit from one of our leads. It costs you nothing unless you make money from our lead. If you do not take, and make money on, any of our judgment leads, you pay us nothing. You can refer judgment leads for free to JudgmentBuy and make money.

Q: Why don't you don't have judgments in my area?

A: The past does not control the future. More judgments are coming in daily, this is increasing exponentially. Judgments will soon appear in your area. You can always refer judgments to JudgmentBuy and make money while you are waiting.

Q: Why does your web site not look polished?

A: We are too busy with the information on our site to worry about how shiny it is. You can still get judgment leads from us, or refer judgments to JudgmentBuy and make money. You can always suggest what we should change.
If you want neat graphics and sound, visit here.

Q: My business is hurting now because of the economy, more judgments are the last thing I need - so why sign up?

A: Even if your business is hurting, you can refer judgment leads to JudgmentBuy and make money. Several JEs that are out of business, are now actively referring leads to JudgmentBuy and making money in this sour economy.

Q: What if you don't stick around and do something else?

A: We never own any judgments. Even if we were to do something else, that would not affect you much. JudgmentBuy is already very successful. We cannot imagine anything doing anything else but to keep improving and helping more people. We have almost 20 years of experience in judgments. We are here to stay.

Q: I already have my own ongoing (business/arrangement/agreement). I don't want anyone to know I signed up with JudgmentBuy. It's nothing personal, but I wish to keep our referral partnership private.

A: No problem. Nobody has to know about your wise decision to refer leads or to join JudgmentBuy. We keep our partnership private. The only exception to privacy could be if a court or government-related agency compels us in writing to disclose this information.

Q: Will you tell me if some person or entity signed up with you?

A: No, as is defined in the JudgmentBuy agreement, we cannot disclose who signed up with us, and we will not tell anyone if you signed up with us, except if it is mandated by a court order. (It is a safe bet that many JEs and lawyers you know have already signed up with JudgmentBuy!)

Q: You are great, I'm going to get all my judgment leads from JudgmentBuy!

A: No, please do not use JudgmentBuy as your sole source of business. We are not designed that way. We are designed to be a tool in your toolbox, and not be every tool in your toolbox.

Q: I have or may start my own business that might compete with you now or later. Is that a problem?

A: No, it is all good. We are your no-hassle referral partners. Just like there is room for Apple and Microsoft, there is room for both of us to have wild success. Judgmentbuy does not limit you. You can refer or recover, zero or a million judgment leads with JudgmentBuy.

Q: What if the lead you send me was one I already discussed with the OJC, who was a shopper and did not go with me before?

A: This is just fine. Many OJCs are professional shoppers that have wasted your time before, then found We are the solution for shoppers. By the time the OJCs find, they have "smelled the coffee".

What has happened several times, is that when we refer an OJC to you, they are happy we confirmed someone they already talked to. Often they call and say they already talked to you, why did we pick you again? We tell them it is because we know you are the best choice.

Usually, when we refer that shopping OJC to you, they are done shopping, and ready to sign your paperwork. This is one big benefit of JudgmentBuy, we turn professional shopping OJCs into informed OJCs ready to get their judgment enforced by you.

Q: I see JudgmentBuy all over the web, it's not fair!

A: All the more reason to sign up with us. You have two productive choices - get used to it, and/or make money and make us too busy to work on marketing. Seriously, we hear this complaint a lot, some in the business are very envious of our secret - working 16 hours a day, 6 days a week on our web site and our business. We work on quality content and excellent service. If this bothers you, remember there are about 600,000 judgments a year in the US, and JudgmentBuy currently places judgments at a rate of about 1,600 a year. That leave 598,500 US judgments for everyone else. Join JudgmentBuy for free, and make more money. Make JudgmentBuy so busy by referring judgments to us, that we will not have time to work on marketing!

Q: What's the deal, I used to be signed up with you?

A: JudgmentBuy tracks everything in a database that tracks and reports complaints, problems, and the track record of collection attorneys, enforcers, judgment buyers signed up with us, and are very careful not to refer any judgment owners to them, when there are problems or complaints that have not been resolved. We have given up on most enforcers, finding too many are flakes, and refer judgments mostly to only the very best experts.

JudgmentBuy Math Examples

Math Examples - showing how everyone gets paid, on judgment enforcements or buying, when you choose one of our leads:

Lawyer Example: Lawyers never pay us for judgment leads.

No profit examples:
You get a judgment lead, and the debtor is broke, you make no money, or the debtor goes BK: You owe JudgmentBuy nothing. You get one of our judgment leads, and spend $200, and the debtor pays you $200. In that case, you will owe JudgmentBuy nothing.

Judgment Enforcer Examples:

   The debtor owed $10,000.    You enforce the judgment.
   There were $500 in costs, and $9,500 was recovered, leaving $9,000 to split.

   Example 1: The OJC gets 50% of the net recovered amount.
   50% ($4,500) to the OJC, and 50% ($4,500) for those who
   worked hard to find, screen, and successfully enforce the judgment.

   90% of $4,500 = ($4,050) for you.
   5% of $4,050 = ($202.50) to the FINDER.
   5% of $4,050 = ($202.50) to JudgmentBuy.
   You send 10% (5% plus 5%) ($405) to JudgmentBuy.
   JudgmentBuy sends ($202.50) to the FINDER.
   JudgmentBuy keeps ($202.50) to cover expenses, and keep our service level the best in the business.
   The OJC gets 50% ($4,500), and you keep 45% ($4,050) of the recovered amount -
   90% of your net profit, for a profitable, pre-screened judgment lead.

   Example 2: The OJC gets 60% of the net recovered amount.
   60% ($5,400) to the OJC, and 40% ($3,600) for those who
   worked hard to find, screen, and successfully enforce the judgment.

   90% of $3,600 = ($3,240) for you.
   5% of $3,240 = ($162) to the FINDER.
   5% of $3,600 = ($162) to JudgmentBuy.
   You send 10% (5% plus 5%) ($324) to JudgmentBuy.
   JudgmentBuy sends ($162) to the FINDER.
   We keep ($162) to cover expenses, and keep our service level the best in the business.
   The OJC gets 60% ($5,400), and you keep 36% ($3,240) of the recovered amount -
   90% of your net profit, for a profitable, pre-screened judgment lead.

   Example 3: The OJC gets 70% of the net recovered amount.
   70% ($6,300) to the OJC, and 30% ($2,700) for those who
   worked hard to find, screen, and successfully enforce the judgment.

   90% of $2,700 = ($2,430) for you.
   5% of $2,430 = ($121.50) to the FINDER.
   5% of $2,700 = ($121.50) to JudgmentBuy.
   You send 10% (5% plus 5%) ($243) to JudgmentBuy.
   JudgmentBuy sends ($121.50) to the FINDER.
   JudgmentBuy keeps ($121.50) to cover expenses, and keep our service level the best in the business.
   The OJC gets 70% ($6,300), and you keep 27% ($2,430) of the recovered amount -
   90% of your net profit, for a profitable, pre-screened judgment lead.

   CASH UP FRONT Example 4: You BUY the judgment for $500 cash.
   You later either enforce, or re-sell the judgment
   and get $1,200 for it, with $50 in costs you incurred.

   Your net profit is $1,200 - $50 - $500 = $650.
   You would then owe JudgmentBuy 10% of your net profit - $65.
   Judgmentbuy keeps $32.50, and the Finder gets $32.50.

   CASH UP FRONT Option 2 Example 5: You BUY the judgment for $500 cash.
   You can choose to pay JudgmentBuy 10% of what you paid - $50,
   and you owe JudgmentBuy nothing else.
   Judgmentbuy keeps $25, and the Finder gets $25.

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