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How hard do Judgment Enforcers try?

Judgment Enforcers (JE) are only paid for results, so it is very likely they will try to recover money from your judgment debtor.

JEs try to treat everyone with respect. JEs are patient until they find the debtor's assets. After the JE finds the judgment debtors assets, they are quick and often successful. doggy pic

How much will a JE spend to recover money from your debtor? As much as makes sense. If the debtor is poor, do not expect any JE to spend money on them. If the debtor has assets, JEs always spend their own money to recover judgments.

Do JEs work fast? When the situation requires it, very. In the judgment enforcement business, patience is a virtue. JEs accept that debtors usually ignore their letters and all notices, and then complain when JEs eventually grab their assets.

JEs accept that some laws seem to favor debtors. JEs accept that courts and Sheriffs (and other entities, such as employers or the Post Office) will sometimes be amazingly slow in doing what the law says they must. (Some courts take up to 6 months to stamp and return simple documents.)

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