Judgment Enforcement tailored to your needs​

JudgmentBuy expeditiously connects you (usually within one business day) at no cost, and
without any obligation, to the appropriate judgment professional operating in close proximity to
your debtor’s assets. This significantly enhances the likelihood of actually recovering some
funds from your debtor. Please be aware that judgments have an expiration date unless
consistently renewed. Some consumer debt judgments can never be renewed, so you have a
very limited time to collect.

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Judgment Enforcement tailored to your needs​

Sell your Judgment

Get cash today for your judgment. The amount we offer you is contingent upon factors such as the judgment's value, the state in question, and the assets available from your judgment debtor.


Without incurring any expenses on your part, you have the option to assign your case on a contingency basis. This arrangement enables enforcement without any upfront costs. Depending on the success of the enforcement efforts and the amount collected, we will distribute the proceeds, sending you a share of the recovered funds until the judgment is fully satisfied.

Private Investigator Services

We recommend California Detective Agency for comprehensive pre-paid research into banking, employment, and asset details. This research will provide valuable insights into whether your debtor is eligible for accelerated enforcement. Additionally, we can offer further guidance on the next steps for enforcement based on the findings from this research.

Get the justice you deserve.

Enforcement Agents to seize property

The enforcement agents at California Detective Agency have the ability to take assets, intercept income, and force the sales of property. This will help get your debtor’s attention, while getting you paid at the same time!


We provide assistance to lawyers and other legal professionals in their enforcement cases without any obligation. JudgmentBuy maintains a comprehensive network of the world's foremost judgment experts. We offer referrals, free of charge, to the best experts in the field, selected based on their extensive track record of acquiring and/or enforcing judgments.

David was able to get my judgment paid in full with practically no effort on my part. I was also reimbursed for my costs and got some extra money for interest! Thank you for your help, I was lost without you!

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