The JudgmentBuy Story

A tradition of excellence and justice.

The JudgmentBuy Story A tradition of excellence and justice. JudgmentBuy was founded in 2005 and stands as the top agency in the field of judgment enforcement. At present, we are entrusted with cases totaling $36 million, and we have worked on over $175 million in the past year. Our track record in enforcement has been exceptionally successful, resulting in recovery in over 1,000 cases.

JudgmentBuy is your trusted partner for enforcement.

For over 20 years, we have established the

best tactics and resources to help get your

judgment paid. Contact us today to help

get the justice that you deserve.

We can assist you with a variety of services.

Judgment Recovery
“From research to asset location, we undertake comprehensive efforts to recover the funds you’re owed.”

Writ of Execution
“We facilitate the process of obtaining writs of execution, ensuring the debtor’s assets are applied towards the satisfaction of your judgment.”

Wage Garnishments
“Ensure that a portion of the debtor’s earnings is directed towards paying off the judgment.”

Bank Levies
“Locating and legally seizing funds from debtor’s bank accounts to fulfill the court’s mandate.”

Property Liens
“Securing your claim by placing a lien on the debtor’s property, ensuring your judgment is prioritized.”