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It takes so long to enforce a Judgment?

Q: I sent you my judgment paperwork and you found a Judgment Enforcer for me.
I signed their paperwork right away. It's been months, so why have I not gotten money from the debtor yet?

A: We found the right judgment enforcer to recover money from your debtor. They received your notarized documents and filed them with the court. Then the enforcer starts working to recover your money.

In some states, the judgment enforcer sent notice to the debtor - which by law gives the debtor 30 days to contest the validity of the debt. Then the judgment enforcer looks for and has the Sheriff seize available debtor assets - that is usually the more difficult and time-consuming part of judgment enforcement.

After assets are found - courts and Sheriffs are not always quick - and the law gives debtors chances to cause delays. Enforcement is not easy - though most often - the judgment enforcer eventually gets some of your money back for you.

It sometimes takes months or years to get the cash from an enforcement. judgment enforcers search for available assets. If the debtor has lots of assets showing - enforcement goes much quicker. If the judgment debtor is poor or hiding their assets, it can take many years. The judgment enforcer is enforcing this judgment as fast as the (economy, situation, and law) allows - and they want to enforce it as much (or more) than you do. Snow Man Surprise

Also, the economy is worse than ever - and many debtors do not have jobs or bank accounts at this time. If and when they get assets - the judgment enforcer will start enforcing the judgment against them.

What if the judgment enforcer is stuck - and cannot find any assets of the debtor? There are two answers:

When the debtor is poor and has no available assets - the judgment enforcer puts the judgment back into the file drawer - and re-checks the debtor every 3-12 months to see if they have assets. When the judgment debtor gets assets - the judgment enforcer grabs them. If not sooner - then later. Judgment enforcers only get paid when you get paid.

When the debtor has assets, but the judgment enforcer will not or cannot get them, perhaps you can get your judgment back. Then JudgmentBuy can find you another judgment enforcer that can try to recover your money. If the judgment debtor has assets, we can repeat this step until your judgment is enforced.

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