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Do Judgment Enforcers
provide progress updates?

This is up to the Judgment Enforcer (JE). Most only provide updates when major events happen. Of you ask the JE, most will give a general idea how things are progressing or not progressing. In judgment enforcement, its best not to count chickens before they hatch.

If the JE grabs a big chunk of money, the JE will let you know. If the debtor files for bankruptcy protection, or dies - the JE will let you know. Things usually move slowly due to laws, and the economy. Anytime they cash a check from grabbing a big chunk of assets, the JE will let you know. You can reasonably ask the JE any time. Note, if a JE does not respond to your emails or calls within 2 weeks, please let us know. In 2016, JudgmentBuy did away with this problem because we screen out flaky judgment "experts".

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