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Qualified Judgment Enforcers

Q. How do I know JudgmentBuy will pick a qualified Judgment Enforcer for my judgment?

A: JudgmentBuy selects Judgment Enforcers, collection lawyers, and collection agencies (JEs) that we know, with the best track records, that belong to organizations, that we have known for years. You do not have to sign papers with any JE - but the Judgment Enforcer JudgmentBuy selects is going to be a good one - matched to your judgment. And we, do not get paid unless you get paid. This means JudgmentBuy has every incentive to find the right JE for your judgment.

Some people are concerned about a potential risk of (the Judgment Enforcer not paying the OJC after getting money) of assigning their judgment to a previously unknown (to you) JE.

With JudgmentBuy's unique system, the carefully vetted and screened JE (upon a successful recovery) owes both you and us. Beginning in July 2011, JudgmentBuy has been actively screening out flakes. These extra checks mean there is much less risk of the JE not doing the right thing - if you start with JudgmentBuy.

Because we have researched JEs for years, and we track every judgment result with them, using JudgmentBuy reduces any potential risks of being ripped off. If a (JudgmentBuy-referred) JE should ever be less than the highest quality - we do not use work with them again.

You are protected by the agreements signed by you and the JE. JudgmentBuy is protected by the agreement the JE signed with JudgmentBuy. Everyone is crystal clear who gets paid (you) if and when your judgment is enforced.

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