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The Lone Judgment Enforcer

Q: Other Judgment Enforcers or Judgment Enforcement companies seem to have several people and departments. With only one email address and phone number, how can JudgmentBuy, or any one Judgment Enforcer, compete with a team?

Superman Picture A: The skill of judgment enforcer recovering your judgment is usually much more important than the size of their company.

Even when a (non-lawyer) judgment enforcer has a team or office with more than one person - only one person can sign court documents, appear in court, and be the legal enforcer of a judgment. In California; a corporation, LLC, or partnership - cannot represent itself in civil court.

Judgment enforcers are not alone - they do a lot of outsourcing - with marketing, Private Investigators, Process Servers, other judgment Enforcers, and lawyers.

About JudgmentBuy:   Other companies cannot compete with JudgmentBuy's unique and excellent service. Man holding in his stomach Many years ago, we too - had several email addresses (e.g. judgments@, payments@, status@) at several domains - and several phone numbers and extensions - following the advice of sales books to "make us look like a big company". We found it this advice slowed us down. (Most advice to pretend to be something you are not is foolish advice.)

Now, we do have several people working at JudgmentBuy, and so far, we still use just one primary email - info@judgmentbuy.com, and one (published) incoming phone line - available upon request.

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