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When do I Get my Money?

Q: At what point do judgment enforcers distribute collected monies to me? As the debtor is made to pay, or when they have fully collected the money?

A: On judgments where a Judgment Enforcer (JE) has convinced the judgment debtor to pay, e.g., $100 a month - or when the JE grabs just a small part of what the debtor owes - the JE usually lets the balance accrue. The JE can cut you a check for some of that money - upon your request. Or you can check with the JE anytime to ask them "how it's going". (Once every three months is much better than once a week.)

When the judment debtor finally pays most or all of the judgment off - then the JE pays you your share - in one lump sum. It is much simpler that way.

If the debtor stretches out payments, or the JE has to keep grabbing small chunks of the debtor's available assets - it might take a very long time before the debtor pays off the judgment in full (or settles) - but interest is being earned over that time. Eventually, the JE often finds the available debtor assets and enforces the judgment and then pays you your share after deducting their court-approved costs (if the debtor has not paid them).

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