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Why do you need to
know about my debtor?

Q. Why do you need to know about the debtor? Another judgment company just took my judgment (and did nothing). They didn't ask me any questions like you did.

A: Because we want you to quickly get money back from your judgment. When we refer you to a professional, having the right information at the start, helps to get you your money faster.

One of the problems with the laws result in courts not caring if the debtor is identified uniquely or not. Our opinion is that courts should put dates of birth and social security numbers on all judgments. But that is not the way it goes.

keyboard masher On your judgment, the debtor had a very common name, and was served at a business. In such cases, we always ask if you have the judgment debtor's age, phone number, home address, spouse names, etc. One reason we ask is so there is no chance of us pointing a judgment enforcer to the wrong person. Another reason is more information helps get your money back faster.

Also, if your judgment was a default judgment, we may ask you about the proof of service. The reason we ask this is because every good judgment enforcer checks the proof of service on a default judgment. The reason is because if the proof of service is not good, the judgment might not be enforceable.

Any judgment company or enforcer that does not specifically identify the correct debtor or the proof of service on default judgments, probably should not be in the judgment recovery business.

That company that took your judgment and asked you the no questions, should have asked you questions. Also, they might one day return the judgment to you because they may not be able identify the right debtor.

At JudgmentBuy, when your debtor has a common name, we might ask you a few more questions, because we want your judgment recovered as much as you do.

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