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They hit my Bank Account again?

Q: A judgment enforcer hit my bank account, and I then agreed to start paying them monthly. They promised not to hit my bank account again for 6 months, yet they took all my money again just 1 month later, right after I sent them a monthly payment as we agreed - why did they lie to me?

A: As the Judgment Enforcer (JE) discussed with you - it is not their fault, they did not cause this problem. Someone (not the JE) made a mistake. As the JE discussed with you - in this situation, they called the Sheriff, and they confirmed they only sent one levy order to your bank.

In this case, your bank made the mistake. (Other times this can happen when another creditor besides the JE, ordered a levy.) JEs cannot help you, because they did not order the second levy.

It is up to you to get your bank to undo their mistake. This happens very rarely - and we are sorry it happened to you. Perhaps this is yet one more example of why it is better to voluntarily pay off a judgment.

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