Are Judgment Enforcers Experienced?

August 9, 2023


Q: Are judgment enforcers experienced? How did they get into this business?

A: Every judgment enforcer’s story is unique. Some started being a police officer, some started by being a private eye, or a lawyer or a paralegal. Others were defrauded and had to learn how to enforce their own judgments, and learned enough to expertly enforce other judgments. Others just wanted to be their own boss.

Every judgment enforcer knows that it is just not right to have to spend even more money on lawyers – after you pay (an arm and a leg) – and work – to get a judgment. It is just not right that more than 90% of judgments are never paid.

When someone becomes a judgment enforcer, they change gears and start (and never will stop) studying many legal books and thick post-judgment recovery legal reference books (e.g., several Rutter practice guides). They purchase and study carefully – several judgment recovery courses. They join judgment enforcement organizations. They go to court thousands of times. They continue to read and study daily – because laws change all the time. They constantly attend training webinars and seminars on subjects related to judgment enforcement. The best network with JudgmentBuy.

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