Are you a Collection Agency?

August 9, 2023


JudgmentBuy and many Judgment Enforcers (JEs) are not collection agencies. While JudgmentBuy partners with very good contingency collection agencies that use lawyers to seize judgment debtor assets, and do not charge anything upfront; old school conventional collection agencies process debts in bulk and limit themselves to sending letters, affecting credit reports, and making telephone calls to debtors.

Even if an old-school a collection agency succeeds – they sometimes charge you extra fees – that you must pay, before they try to get your money. JudgmentBuy only refers you to the best (new generation) of collection agencies.

Most JEs have much more powerful tools – and get much better results than old-school conventional collection agencies. You never have to pay (JEs or JudgmentBuy) anything. Most JEs do not bother with debtor telephone calls, and they do not harass debtors. JEs seize judgment debtor assets to get you paid.

Judgment enforcement attempts should begin with a carefully selected JE, who then becomes the Assignee Of Record.

JEs take full assignment on court judgments, getting the judgment into their name. Then they creatively enforce the judgment as the legal Assignee Of Record. The JE then has the authority to conduct thorough asset investigations. The JE can search for and have the Sheriff seize assets – and bring the debtor back into court as many times as is required.

The JE buys your judgment – and become the new judgment owner – paying you the Original Judgment Creditor, after they enforce the debt of the judgment debtor. When the judgment debt is fully (or partially) paid – they file a Satisfaction Of Judgment with the court.

Every judgment is enforced individually and expertly. Almost every day JEs both spend and recover money from enforcement procedures. JEs have many resources that some collection agencies will never have.   See our   What is a Judgment Enforcement Agency? article.

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