Bundles of Judgments

August 9, 2023


Q. I have a bundle of judgments to sell (or buy). How can JudgmentBuy help me get the best deal?

A: This is because JudgmentBuy is the most-connected and the most popular judgment referral service. We do the shopping for you for free with JudgmentBuy, so only the right (and very best) judgment experts will see your judgment or bundle of judgments.

Because JudmentBuy does not directly buy or own judgments, we are objective. Because this is all we do, we save you lots of time finding the right buyer. Judgments are always sold at a steep discount. See our articles about Selling Your Judgment For Cash and Why Cash Up Front Prices Are Falling). JudgmentBuy is the best way to find an actual judgment buyer (if you sell for a realistic price) in every state.

JudgmentBuy is free. There is no better free or paid way to find the best actual judgment buyers, than using JudgmentBuy. And, we are the no paperwork and no obligation company.

We are constantly asked “what is the value of my judgment?” – even when the creditor does not know if the judgment debtor has any assets. Even when a judgment debtor does have a job, a bank account, and a home; there is no guarantee that any judgment can be recovered. Most judgments sell for 1-10% of their face value. When the assets are huge, the sale price can rise.

When there are assets, judgments are worth more. But even a perfect debtor can go bankrupt, can die, can go to jail, can get sick, or can have their assets seized by another creditor – even the Feds/IRS.

In general, the more available assets a debtor has, the more a judgment can be sold for. (And the faster money can be recovered.) We do not set prices for judgments, but we can give you a free estimate at no obligation.

JudgmentBuy exposes your judgment or bundle of judgments, better than anyone else could, for free, to professional judgment buyers everywhere.

Also, a bundle of judgments is like a bundle of situations. For every bundle, a copy of the judgment, and research on the debtors are needed, to be an attractive judgment bundle to judgment buyers.

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