Can I or should I use an attorney?

August 9, 2023


Q: Instead of using a judgment enforcer to recover my judgment, can I, or should I use an attorney?

A: Yes you can. (See our Contingency Attorneys article.)

Lawyers who JudgmentBuy refers you to, use the pure contingency model, costing you nothing except a portion of what is hopefully recovered on the judgment. (If your judgment debtor is overseas or extra sneaky, a retainer might be required.) Note our National Lawyer State Bar List.

Also, while many attorneys are skilled at winning judgments, many are not familiar with effective post-judgment strategies. JudgmentBuy, and many judgment enforcers are not lawyers, and do not give legal advice. If you require legal advice, please seek a qualified attorney, we can refer you to very good ones.

Judgment enforcement requires legal, investigative – and many other skills. JugmentBuy, and most JEs, are not lawyers or a Private Investigators – but in the (very narrow field) of both finding assets and enforcing judgments, the skills of most judgment enforcers exceed those of many general lawyers and Private Investigators.

Should you hire a lawyer? In some cases – yes. Sometimes hiring a lawyer is good idea in a well-controlled situation where the debtor’s available assets are massive – and you know exactly how to enforce and satisfy your large judgment. JudgmentBuy, for free, can refer you to the best-suited contingency collections lawyers or collection agencies that hire lawyers.

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