Can I visit your Judgment office?

August 9, 2023

Q: Why do most judgment enforcers not want to meet me in person?

A: Because the best ones are busy, and such meetings are time consuming and take them away from their computer, court, fax, etc. While there are a few judgment enforcers (JEs) that have a public walk-in location, the vast majority have virtual offices. One reason is the Internet, which makes it possible to do much of your work online.

Another reason is security. Not every debtor is polite, and a virtual office is a good solution. Many JEs work from home, and/or have a discreet small office near the court, with a separate mailing address.

JudgmentBuy is very busy (and we do not take action on words, we only take action when judgments and debtor information is sent to us), 

and many JEs are busy, and more and more work is being done on the Internet. Many communications are by fax, phone, email, and mail.

If you want to meet a JE, perhaps ask them to meet you some time and place of their choosing. Some good places to meet include the court, StarBucks, a process server’s office, the sheriff, or the post office.

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