Controlling Judgment Enforcers?

August 10, 2023


Q. How do you control your judgment enforcers to protect my judgment?

A: JudgmentBuy does not control anyone, especially not judgment enforcers (JEs), which may be lawyers, collection companies, and people who specialize in recovering or buying judgments.

Better than control – our business is based on JEs having signed a contract with JudgmentBuy, and mutual respect, reputation, communication, and cooperation with well-known JEs.

JudgmentBuy has an ongoing business relationship with JEs, meaning that there is yet another financial incentive for JEs to be accountable for financial matters concerning your judgment. You are protected by the purchase agreement you sign with the JE.

JudgmentBuy never owns your judgment, cannot and does not give legal advice, and is not involved in the enforcement or sale of your judgment in any way. However, you can always email [email protected] if you have a concerns or questions about anything.

Anyone enforcing your judgment has a fiduciary responsibility to you – if and when money is recovered from the debtor. JudgmentBuy does not control JEs – except for the terms of the Referral Agreement they sign with us, our mutual reputations, our long-term business relationships, and the guidelines shown here.

Another benefit of sending your judgment to JudgmentBuy, is we know the track record, reputation, and the results of every JE we refer judgments to. All of them have signed JudgmentBuy’s Agreement. This adds another layer of accountability for JudgmentBuy-referred JEs.

Note, humans are humans. JudgmentBuy cannot control what another entity does, but we can stop working with them if they flake out. We can warn all those who we referred judgment to if they flake out, but only if we know. Please tell us if someone we refer you to flakes.

Sometimes the best people or lawyers flake out, die, get sick, or go nuts. If a judgment enforcer or lawyer asks you for money for any reason other than to domesticate a judgment, please let us know. If a judgment enforcer or lawyer tells you JudgmentBuy is asking for your money before you get money, they are lying. PLEASE let us know if any judgment enforcer or lawyer we refer you to flakes out – we can only act when we know there is a problem.

Remember, JudgmentBuy offers judgment referrals. We do not control the world, your debtor, or the lawyer or judgment enforcer we refer you to.

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