Coops and Referrals do not Cost You

August 10, 2023


Q: If a judgment enforcer hires or pays or cooperates with someone to enforce my judgment, will that change how much I get?

A: No – because the judgment enforcer you sold your judgment to is the Assignee Of Record. You assigned your legal right to enforce the judgment, however your financial rights to your share upon a recovery, remain. If you retained a collection lawyer or agency then you retain ownership of your judgment and they work on your behalf.

Any agreements or cooperations a judgment enforcer may make do not affect the original agreement and contract with you – the Original Judgment Creditor. Quality judgment enforcers notify Original Judgment Creditors of major events such as a cooperations with another judgment enforcer.

JudgmentBuy’s referral system costs you nothing extra, and can only increase the amount you may recover. (See our Coop article.)

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