Debtor wants to settle by paying me

August 11, 2023


Q: My debtor called me, he wants to settle by paying me, will the Judgment Enforcer be ok with that?

A: The debtor made a mistake. And if you take the judgment debtor’s money when you no longer own the judgment, you will have made a mistake.

The letter or notices the judgment enforcer (JE) usually sends to the debtor clearly explains – that the debtor could only legally pay off this judgment by paying the court or the JE – the Assignee Of Record. (Also, you and the JE both signed a contract.)

Please do not accept money from the debtor. If you do – you must let the JE know. Nobody has a right to satisfy a judgment that a JE owns unless the JE is going to be paid their share. This mistake is very easy to fix if caught early – and fixed it must be.

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