Discuss strategies for Collecting?

August 11, 2023


Q: Am I entitled to discuss strategies for collecting?

A: Your ideas and suggestions are always very welcome. As Judgment Brokers (Matchmakers) we do not need every detail, but the expert judgment enforcer we refer you to will appreciate any relevant information about your judgment debtor. Please continue to share any new information you discover. Your information could speed things up a lot.

No matter how useful the information is – it is up to the judgment enforcer alone – to enforce the judgment. The judgment is now their property – that is the way the law allows a judgment enforcer (if they are not a lawyer) to enforce a judgment that did not originally belong to them.

Even if you retain ownership of your judgment, by retaining a collection lawyer or agency to attempt to recovery your judgment, it is a good idea to share details on debtor assets or location you have discovered.

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