Do Judgment Enforcersprovide progress updates?

August 12, 2023


This is up to the Judgment Enforcer (JE). Most only provide updates when major events happen. Of you ask the JE, most will give a general idea how things are progressing or not progressing. In judgment enforcement, its best not to count chickens before they hatch.

If the JE grabs a big chunk of money, the JE will let you know. If the debtor files for bankruptcy protection, or dies – the JE will let you know. Things usually move slowly due to laws, and the economy. Anytime they cash a check from grabbing a big chunk of assets, the JE will let you know. You can reasonably ask the JE any time. Note, if a JE does not respond to your emails or calls within 2 weeks, please let us know. In 2016, JudgmentBuy did away with this problem because we screen out flaky judgment “experts”.

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