Does JudgmentBuy Slow Things Down?

August 11, 2023


Q. Will JudgmentBuy’s referral system slow the enforcement or sale of my judgment?

A: Not at all. Almost always, we speed up the recovery or sale of your judgment. If you have a good judgment, where the debtor has much more available assets than is required to satisfy the judgment, it will usually be recovered quickly. (And we find an expert for you usually the same day.)

Judgmentbuy gets you money faster and increases your odds of getting paid more.

JudgmentBuy is very fast, compared to courts and judgment enforcement-related procedures. The time it takes for us to find the right expert for your judgment, vastly increases the chances of you getting your money faster.

Without us, you should perform due diligence – and research the sea of unwashed judgment enforcers, which also takes time.

Think of JudgmentBuy as a “Measure twice, cut once” service that costs you nothing. When pouring a glass of milk, what is more important? – Finding any glass and tilting the milk container as fast as possible – or picking a clean glass, good lighting, and pouring carefully to avoid spilling?

After we get a copy of your judgment and debtor information, we verify everything, then check to see if the debtor and judgment situation is right for a qualified or judgment enforcer or Lawyer we know. If so, we refer you to them as quickly as within 2 hours.

How long will it take JudgmentBuy to find a judgment enforcer, to buy or enforce your judgment? Sometime we find a match the same day. On a challenging judgment, it may take longer. Some of the reasons the timing varies include:

  • How many judgment buyers or judgment enforcer work where the debtor’s assets are.
  • How big and enforceable the judgment and solid the debtor appears.

To waste your time and ours, keep looking for a solution after you send your judgment with us.

How long does it take to get back some of your money? That depends on the enforceability of your judgment. A $10,000 judgment in Cupertino, CA against a well known rich person will get picked up and enforced much faster than a $3,000 judgment in Yountville, CA against a corporation that moved and now operates under a new name.

Another thing that slows how fast creditors get paid are the tricks some debtors use, such as sending checks that bounce months later, or using fraudulent money orders, filing for bankruptcy after making payment, etc. For these reasons, most judgment wait at least 90 days before paying the creditor.

No matter what the situation, JudgmentBuy speeds up the recovery or sale of your judgment. JudgmentBuy, for free, increases the chance you will get some of your money back.

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