Enforce your own Judgment

August 11, 2023

Q: I can collect it myself – so why turn my judgment over to a judgment enforcer?

A: Yes, perhaps you could enforce your own judgment. You may have to spend many hours learning how – and spend a lot of money too. Also – have you recovered a dime yet?

Enforcing judgments is not easy. If it was easy, you would have already collected, right? You can fix your own pipes – but most of us hire plumbers. Note that if enforcement is done wrong – a debtor might have grounds to sue you. You might even lose your judgment – and worse yet, owe the debtor money.)

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You can collect your own judgment – but most people have much better results selling it so a pro can try to enforce the judgment. They do it every day – and know how to get results.

Why do judgment enforcers want to own your judgment, why won’t they assist me in collecting my judgment without owning it?

The answer is that to give legal advice or represent someone, one must be a lawyer. If a judgment enforcer is not a lawyer, they cannot assist you while you own a judgment.

As a judgment owner, you can read, hire PIs, paralegals, ask your court advisor, and learn to collect your own judgment.

Of course you can attempt to enforce your own judgment. If you can legally enforce it yourself (following the Rosenthal, CCPs, GLB, and the FDCPA laws) – congratulations. Contact JudgmentBuy if it does not work out. See our How to Collect a Judgment article, and our California Judgment Enforcement article.

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