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August 11, 2023


When you want to get money for your judgment, send it to JudgmentBuy. Send us a copy of your judgment, and what you know about the debtor – including the address they were served at, their current address, and your mailing address and telephone.   (If you have it, please also send us a copy of the Proof Of Service.) Also, please send us information on any known or suspected assets the debtor might have. If your debtor filed for bankruptcy protection, and you fought to get your judgment debt declared non-dischargeable, also send us the bankruptcy court judgment showing non-dischargeability.

Send us your judgment. Our email is [email protected]“>[email protected].

You can submit your judgment information Here.

The JudgmentBuy advantage is you tell us what you want. If you want cash up-front, we suggest you tell us you want cash up-front, and for best results, you are open to future-payment. Future payment always gets you more money. Tell us what you want, and we do the shopping for you to find the right buyer, enforcer, agency, or lawyer.

JudgmentBuy is the best way to find an actual judgment buyer (if you sell for a realistic price) in every state.

We will gladly answer questions, and provide a confidential (no-cost and no-obligation) assessment of your judgment situation. Please send us everything at once, a copy of the judgment, what you know about your debtor, and your email address and contact information.

What happens Next?

What happens next with JudgmentBuy is:

  • We verify the status of the judgment debtor, and make a private snapshot of what we found using public data sources and PACER. We do not pull credit reports on anyone. We make a PDF stored on a Macintosh for security. The PDF has a copy of your judgment, what we know about the debtor, and any info we have on the debtor’s assets or situation (only with public data sources).
  • We find the right expert to buy or recover your judgment on your reasonable terms. We do the shopping for you.
  • We introduce you to the expert by email. If the expert we refer you to is a lawyer or a collection agency, we may require you to sign an agreement with us.
  • The recovery expert or buyer we refer you to send you their paperwork. You decide if you want to proceed or not. You are not obligated unless you say yes. Whether you say yes or no, it costs you nothing out of pocket. If you say no, we say thank you, and you are done, no costs or obligations remain. If you say yes, JudgmentBuy is out of the picture, and you are on your way to hopefully getting some money.

Smart judgment owners start with JudgmentBuy.

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