How much does JudgmentBuy charge me?

August 11, 2023

JudgmentBuy never charges creditors anything. We charge our referred judgment experts, only if they make a lot of money for them and you because of JudgmentBuy’s introduction.

All of the judgment enforcers, lawyers, and agencies JudgmentBuy refers you to, charge you nothing out of pocket. They all keep part of what is recovered from your judgment debtor.

JudgmentBuy is paid by the judgment buyer or judgment enforcer, or the savings we bring you from our successful referral – only if and when they recover money from the judgment debtor.

Judgment enforcers are glad to pay JudgmentBuy (only when they make money) for our income opportunities, custom screening, research, web site, customer service, and the highest quality judgment leads – matched exactly to the preference and ability of the judgment Enforcer.

If you do not get paid, we don’t get paid. What JudgmentBuy potentially gets paid will not change the amount of judgment money that you get paid.

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