I want to Sue Someone!

August 11, 2023


Q: I want to sue someone. Should I sue them with just my name, or should I add my spouse and kids as plaintiffs?

A: We are not lawyers. Our opinion (which is not legal advice) is there is no benefit to having more than one plaintiff. It just means more expense and hassle as all plaintiffs need to sign papers, etc. If it were us, we would sue under one name only, and perhaps have others be witnesses. (We have seen cases where some of the plaintiffs could not be found so the judgment could not be assigned.)

It is a good idea to make sure all defendants are named – their companies, AKAs, etc. – as this will mean there are more people and entities to go after – when it is time to collect.

Also, try to find out how old the debtors are – where they live, their phone numbers, and their AKAs – before suing them – that will help the process server – and the judgment enforcer. This is our opinion only – we are not lawyers. To find a process server, take a look at: www.napps.org.

We are not lawyers. Should you sue someone? Only you can answer the question – am I throwing good money after bad? If you do not sue them, most likely they will never pay you. See our 
Getting Paid and our Representing yourself in Small Claims Court articles.

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