I’m an attorney – can you work with me?

August 11, 2023


Q: I’m an attorney – can JudgmentBuy or a Judgment Enforcer work for, or with me, to help me enforce a judgment for my client?

A: Neither JudgmentBuy or Judgment Enforcers can “work for or with you”,   for several reasons, including all the data services Judgment Enforcers subscribe to, do not allow them to resell or disclose any private data.

Another reason is that JudgmentBuy does not own judgments, and cannot give legal service or advice to anyone, because we are not lawyers. Anyone who is not a lawyer cannot legally be hired to provide legal advice.

JudgmentBuy’s (arms-length transaction) partnership system works perfectly with lawyers and non-lawyers. For more information, please check out JudgmentBuy’s Partners page.

You can refer judgment leads (singly or in bundles) to JudgmentBuy, and if appropriate, keep any attorney liens intact. JudgmentBuy can refer judgments to you. JudgmentBuy can help your client get paid, and that is good for you.

JudgmentBuy’s agreement is attorney-approved, and any attorney can simply partner with JudgmentBuy for free, to get free leads from us or refer leads to us.

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