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August 11, 2023


There are many courses that offer training in judgment recovery, more accurately described as Judgment Enforcement (JE) for a professional business career. There are also several JE database software providers. Many are very good and almost all require payment.

One JE training web site offers everything a new Judgment Enforcement Recovery collections professional needs to start learning the JE business for free. To manage your business, they also have instructions for creating your own simple judgment database for free.

The Judgment Enforcement business is not a get rich quick business. Don’t let anyone tell you it is. Judgment Enforcement is usually hard work, requiring a lot of patience, the ability to do legal research, along with the ability to go periods of time with no income. This means someone in your family will need to have an income coming in, until you get well established.

The JE business requires one to dig in and study and work for a long time to learn the business. It also requires one to continue learning the business after they are established, for as long as they are in the business.

Like all small businesses, many JEs fail in the first year. Most fail because they ran out of money. Some fail because they take all judgments and work too long and spend too much on far-away hopeless judgments that can never be enforced. Some don’t know they can make good (long-term) money referring far away judgments, instead of turning down judgments or working on judgments they shouldn’t be working on.

For those willing to learn the Judgment Enforcement business, and apply the knowledge learned, with the ability to stick with it for long periods of time, a very rewarding profession may be in store for you.

Your success as in any business depends on you. Your ability to learn, apply, and your willingness to work hard. This is a very good business for retirees and stay at home Moms and Dads. The JE still must drive or travel, mostly on their own (sometimes demanding) schedule.

The JE business is good part-time profession for many. This is a good time to learn the Judgment Enforcement business.

Thanks to the Internet and a judgment company based on the Internet, now everyone who can start a business can learn the basics of the JE business absolutely free on their web site. There are no catches or hidden charges. You should take time to learn about their sponsor after you have started your business.

At the web site, once you register for your free membership, you can access all their Judgment information. The writers on the web site, and its participating members, enforce judgments on a daily basis.

Once you decide that you want to pursue a career in the JE business, you probably should buy at least one paid JE course. The same web site shows you where to get all the information you need to get started. As your business grows, you may wish to buy a database.

This free “one stop Judgment information center” web site is easy to find, and it’s simple to register. All they require is an email address and your name and City/State. There are no hidden monthly membership fees. Once you register, you have to wait for their administrator to check your email address and IP number at www.StopForumSpam.com. After that, you get a confirmation email. Then you can start reading and begin your career in Judgment Enforcement.

The forum now dead, was at: http://forum.judgmentbuy.com – JudgmentBuy’s free discussion forum for anyone related to Judgment Enforcement. Email [email protected] to get a free account on the forum.

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