Judgment Evaluation

August 12, 2023


If you have a judgment, JudgmentBuy refers you to the right judgment professional, and what we need is:   A copy of the actual judgment. (A photograph of the judgment is not the same as a copy of the judgment.) We also need the debtor’s name (and any other helpful information you have on the debtor) – and the court case number. Also your phone, email, and mailing address. If you have it, please also send us a copy of the Proof Of Service. We will check out the debtor’s situation – and get back to you quickly.

We do not need every detail of the history before the judgment was finalized. Please limit the information you provide to what is helpful for the recovery of your judgment

JudgmentBuy uses our database, connections, and other resources to match your judgment, with the right contingency collection lawyer, agency, or other contingency professional, or buyer, for your judgment. Then we refer them to you.

While copies of Abstracts Of Judgment, writs, or other court documents, are things we would like to have a copy of – they are not the same as the judgment. We need a copy of the actual judgment.

And if the judgment was renewed – we need a copy of the original judgment – and the renewal form showing the (possibly) new case number and renewal date.

If your debtor filed for bankruptcy protection, and you fought to get your judgment debt declared non-dischargeable, also send us the bankruptcy court judgment showing the non-dischargeability.

Also useful is the name, mailing address, and phone number of the court your judgment was awarded at.

JudgmentBuy needs all of the above, to find (based on location, and other factors) an appropriate professional for your judgment. This is a benefit to you – because you only have to provide your information once. We keep it, and share it with one professional we think is right to recover or buy your judgment. You time is conserved and your information is kept private.

If our first pick professional does not want your judgment, we contact others – without asking you for information again. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. (We repeat as necessary.) This can take some time if your judgment is a challenge. In some cases, we may not find a professional for your judgment (often because of the debtor’s dire situation), and we will let you know if that is the case.

We share your judgment situation with a qualified contingency professional local to your debtor – which increases the chances of your getting money back from your debtor.

When you send us your judgment, we put it in our database, – then we contact the right contingency professional to recover or buy your judgment.

Finding the right contingency collections lawyer or professional is what JudgmentBuy does best. When we find a matching (qualified) professional – we introduce to you by (usually) email, and you can sign their paperwork.

There is never a cost to you. You are never obligated until you choose to agree with the terms of a professional, and sign their paperwork. If you agree to sign, notarize, and return the professional’s paperwork, then you are obligated, and agree that the professional can try and recover money from your judgment debtor.

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