Judgment Feast Or Famine

August 12, 2023


For most self-employed people, there are many quiet times. It would surprise most people how many quiet times there are, for even the most successful judgment enforcers.

This article is my opinion and is not legal advice. I am a judgment broker, and not a lawyer. If you ever need a strategy to use or legal advice, please contact an attorney.

For years, I put my 800 telephone number on my website, and did lots of marketing; and found out the world has lots of “fools”. Being number one on Google searches gets you lots of people unwilling to read more than your telephone phone number, tire-kickers, and professional judgment shoppers having either no, or an over-optimistic description of their debtor’s available assets. Of course, our company helps thousands of informed and realistic creditors.

Everything is either on or off. Without off, there could be no on. For the average business, and many specialty-type businesses like mine, most business arrives during business hours on business days. One helpful policy is to keep myself busy to work to either attract more business, or improve the current business. Or, I can do my chores…

As a song goes, you cannot stop the world, so do not let it stop you. When it is quiet, some judgment enforcers look up (usually worthless) new judgment leads, others look up their current judgment debtors to see if any new debtor assets show up on public data records. Others might prepare batches of debtor information for a future bank or employment search.

Quiet times are also perfect opportunity to evaluate returning judgments you have no chance of ever recovering.

The way the world works for almost all judgment companies (or a judgment-related company) is often feast or famine. I might get no judgments for 3 days then get 12 at once. No email comes in for 4 hours, then 30 new ones arrive. I might go weeks between getting checks, then (thank goodness) I get paid. Judgment lead finders, collections attorneys, and judgment enforcers; some weeks none sign up, other weeks dozens sign up (for free) with our company.

Many working in the judgment business (even those with a business office) work it as a part-time business. I am writing this article on a holiday weekend, and writing articles (as one example) is best done during quiet times. Other enforcers might be doing chores or spending time with family; or updating their web sites or reading/posting about judgment-related topics on email lists. I find the delete key to very useful, especially during non-business hours.

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