Judgment Flipping FAQ

August 12, 2023


Q: Does JudgmentBuy negotiate settlements between creditors and debtors?

A: No. (See our Judgment Flipping article.)

(If you want to pay off or settle the judgment against you, contact us, depending on whether your situation is right, JudgmentBuy refers you to free to judgment settlers. Note that we cannot help if you owe money to a bank or a credit card, or a collections agency.

Q: Does JudgmentBuy buy judgments for one price, then resell them at another price? Does JudgmentBuy own any judgments?
A: No, we own no judjments.

Q: Does JudgmentBuy screen and list judgment leads and refer them very quickly to Judgment Enforcers, Buyers, and lawyers for free, with no obligation for everyone?

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