Judgment Flipping

August 12, 2023


As the economy makes judgment enforcement more difficult, more people are trying to make money without having to directly enforce judgments. Recently, entrepreneurs attempting to profit without directly enforcing judgments are those who teach and attempt “judgment flipping”.

Judgment flipping is the act of finding judgment sellers, persuading them to sell their judgments for low prices, and then finding buyers to buy them at higher prices. A judgment flipper tries to make money on the margin between the buy and sell prices. This has been overdone for decades with houses, judgments, cars, notes, and other assets.

Sooner or later, judgment flipping courses and companies will introduce themselves to Judgment Enforcers. Judgment flipping is not really new; it is just another way of making money without having to directly enforce judgments.

Before detailing how to flip judgments, here are the other ways entrepreneurs make money without directly enforcing judgments:

* Judgment recovery courses and web sites.

* Judgment lead sellers.

* Skip tracing and asset location services.

* A Judgment Broker.

How to flip judgments:

Judgment flipping depends on locating motivated judgment owners, called the Original Judgment Creditors (OJCs). Here is one way to do it:

You find OJCs, and persuade them to sell their judgments to you for cash. You have the OJCs assign their judgment to you, making you the legal owner. Then you find judgment buyers, and sell them the judgments for a price higher than the price you paid for the judgments.

This is not as easy as it sounds because judgment owners tend to believe their judgments are worth the face value of the judgment. No judgment is worth more than the debtor can be made to pay. Many judgments are worthless, and even if you persuade an OJC to sell one for three cents on the dollar, there is no guarantee of finding a judgment buyer that will pay more than that.

It is not free or easy to find good judgment leads. You can buy judgment leads, or go to courthouses in person or online. You find the names of the OJCs and debtors, then screen the judgments to make sure they are valid, the OJCs and debtors can be found, and nobody filed for bankruptcy. Then you call or write the OJCs, and try to find some that will sell their judgment for a small amount of cash. Then you find judgment buyers, and try to sell the judgments at a profit.

Flipping Judgments is no more profitable or easy than any other way of making money without having to directly enforce judgments. It is always dependent on your investment and hard work.

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