Judgment Home Office

August 12, 2023


In most states, one can attempt to recover judgments from their own home office. Although working from home has many advantages; there are drawbacks to using a home office to recover judgments.

This article is my opinion, and not legal advice. I am a judgment broker, and am not a lawyer. If you ever need any legal advice or a strategy to use, please contact a lawyer.

One drawback is that some creditors will be turned off to learn you are working from your home. Another drawback is that some of the best data services will truncate their data, if they find out that you are using their services from your home.

Some of the judgment debtor information that can be looked up with permissible purpose; includes their SSN, telephone number, possible employment, licenses, and other information.

In addition to having a commercial address, some of the best data providers prefer you use a secured desktop computer, rather than a laptop. They do their inspections, and look for a separate room, a shredder, non-shared (and locking) cabinets, a locking door that only you have the key to, a dedicated telephone line (landline), etc.

Although there are exceptions, most of the best data providers truncate reports for those having home offices. Usually, truncated data is far less useful than the provider’s full product reports.

If you are serious about your career in judgment recovery, and you can afford it; I recommend you get a commercial address, at least a closet-sized office space in some office building, for a minimal amount of rent.

If you cannot get a commercial space, then you might not get the best data. One way to help work around this; is if you become a registered process server. Most data providers are much friendlier to registered process servers. The reason is that registered process servers are a safer gamble for them; because servers have their fingerprints on file, and are bonded.

In California, depending on the county you are in, it costs about $250-$500 to become a registered process server. That is much cheaper than paying for some commercial space. You might also be able to earn money working as a registered process server.

Usually, judgment recovery is very slow, so becoming a registered process server is often a good idea. That way, you might earn money before any judgments get recovered. You can also save money by trading process serves with other judgment recovery specialists that are also process servers. (But you cannot serve your own paperwork.)

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