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August 12, 2023


JudgmentBuy used to have the best website listing of judgment leads ever. As the number of recovery experts, contingency lawyers, and aggressive collection companies signed up with JudgmentBuy exponentially increased to the point – where we can refer all judgments same day to the best possible solution. There is no longer a need to list judgments, because we place them with experts immediately.

Historical judgment listing question and answer below, now obsolete:

Q. I looked at JudgmentBuy’s listings of judgments, why are there usually so few judgments listed?

A: JudgmentBuy’s judgment listings are constantly being updated. Hundreds of judgment buyers, collection attorneys and Judgment enforcers and collection agencies review our judgment lists on a regular basis. Most “good” judgment leads where debtors have assets, do not even appear on our lists, or are removed from our lists very quickly.

JudgmentBuy refers judgment owners to more than 10 of the very best judgment enforcers, contingency collection lawyers, collection agencies, and judgment Buyers. This means that for free, JudgmentBuy finds the right enforcer or buyer for your judgment much faster than you or anyone else could.

Our first priority is to find the right Judgment Enforcer for you as quickly as possible. For that reason, often judgments go straight to Enforcers or Buyers and never make it onto our lists. We update our lists, however helping judgments to be quickly recovered is our first priority. JudgmentBuy gets more money to judgment owners than any other company. We introduced more than 11,300 judgment owners to qualified buyers, enforcers, and collection attorneys so far.

As more contingency collection lawyers, Judgment Enforcers, collection agencies, and buyers sign up with JudgmentBuy, our lists become less and less important because JudgmentBuy introduces you to the right lawyer, agency, or enforcer very quickly. We only use the very best of the 3,500.

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