Judgment Privacy

August 12, 2023


Q. I don’t want the debtor to know where I live, will you protect my privacy?

A: JudgmentBuy shares your information with only one (on average) to four (at most) Judgment Enforcers (specialists, collection lawyers, or collection agencies) who have signed our agreement to never share your (or the debtor’s) private information.

JudgmentBuy helps to protect your privacy. With JudgmentBuy, you send a copy of the judgment and your contact information just one time. Without JudgmentBuy, the average judgment is sent to dozens of unknown enforcers before a match is made. We only send your judgment information to one expert at a time, drastically reducing how many people see your private information. We use only Macintosh computers and (unlike other judgment listing companies) never put any or your private information on ours, or any other web site, forum, or email list.

All Your Data Belongs To

JudgmentBuy and quality judgment enforcers never share any information about Original Judgment Creditors with anyone – except as required by law. For example, they must give your name to the debtor, and the courts and to Sheriffs.

Your address appears only on two court forms – the Assignment Of Judgment – and the Satisfaction of Judgment. You can choose to give a Judgment Enforcer your work, or post office box address.

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